Monday, December 31, 2007

She Was Doing OK Until.....

How many times has an otherwise excellent piece of writing been spoiled by an absolute blooper like this?

"......holding a large rifle and several dead pheasants....."

Someone should tell the silly girl these fellows were carrying shotguns, not rifles. And her Daddy was a B grade serial cowboy!

As a matter of interest, Adolf once downed a pheasant in flight at a range of about forty yards, using a .22 rifle. Now that would have done Davey Crockett real proud!


Andrei said...

Adolf my friend I share with you a sense of irritation over the confusion between a rifle and shotgun by Ronald Reagan's daughter.

But you yourself are not without sin as the post preceding this one shows

They have knighted their biggest donor, Owen Glenn - a rich prick who hasn't lived in New Zealand for how many decades?

Labour, of course, dispensed with Knighthoods some time ago.

What they have done is "honoured" Owen Glenn not "knighted" him.

I hesitate to mention this to a fellow blogger because of my own fallibilities in this area.

sagenz said...

My best was 2 birds with 2 barrels on a Te Kuiti farm. That was a different year from the one in which I took an ineffective long range potshot at 2 faroff ducks as we walked up to a pond with only 1 gun between us then tried reloading quickly as about 100 ducks flew about 20 feet over our heads. I was not quick enough and my mate still takes the piss out of me 20 years later.

Happy New Year to you Addie

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Andrei, the 'mistake' was deliberate.

Sean said...

Gee Andrei, didn't your internet browser recognize the "sarcastic tone" tag... ;-)

KG said...

Nice shooting Adolf. :-)
My pb was a wallaby at around 250 yards using a now-extinct wildcat calibre--a .303/22.
When we got to the wallaby all I could find was a contusion between its ears, the skin was unbroken. It seems the shockwave from the round had knocked it out.
Once in a lifetime shot and a very large slice of luck, I reckon!

Andrei said...



Although I may point out the last sentence of my original comment does say

I hesitate to mention this to a fellow blogger because of my own fallibilities in this area.