Sunday, December 30, 2007

Senseless and Sinister

A fifty year old father was beaten to death in Sydney this week. He was a Maori boy from Ngati Hine. Jim Tautari was likely a brother or nephew of Mathew Tautari with whom Adolf and Dezzie Cherrington, circa 1960, used to ride young steers up the road at Orauta - until that is, Matthew Tautari got bucked off onto a barbed wire fence. We figured then the risks might outweigh the thrills.

What an immensely sad and tragic episode for all the people concerned.

What intrigues Adolf is the failure of the PC Australian media to identify the racial charateristics of the perpetrators. Were they white Australians? Were they Musllims?

My bet would be white Ockers.


KG said...

The Oz media have a record of ignoring the race of perps--during the Cronulla riots they were very ready indeed to name people as "white Australians" but almost never mentioned Lebanese muslims.
Perhaps they're being even-handed for a change?

Anonymous said...

By the appearance of the man in the photo, he was a ugly looking customer who, in his personal life may well have been what we in the psychotherapy profession call an 'aggressive prick' who was probably in the habit of pissing off people big time wherever he was just to prove whatever point he was in the habit of pushing.

My bet is that he insulted and/or provoked a bunch of youths at the fast food outlet and they came back in numbers and gave him a good kicking. It has probably happened many times before judging by the look of him, and usually he would come out on top - but this time it went too far.

This isn't a justification for a killing, by any stretch of the imagination, but its typical of the bleeding hearts brigade to blame 'racism' just beacause he was a Maori. His whole life was probably steeped in the oratory of violence.

Was he by any chance one of these 'gentle giants who wouldn't hurt a fly' who happened to have a few assault convictions lurking somewhere in his sweet scented closet?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous, if your post is a guide to the value of psychotherapy then you should consider a career as a street sweeper.

KG said...

"the appearance of the man in the photo" eh...
Now, there's a rational way to work out what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

Adolph, I was flicking the sarcasm switch.

kg, actually appearance is quite a good indicator of character in 70% of cases, in my experience. This is why defence lawyers go to so much trouble to get their clients all dressed up for their court appearances. My assessment remains that this guy was no stranger to the biffo.

KG said...

"he was a ugly looking customer.."
"This is why defence lawyers go to so much trouble to get their clients all dressed up for their court appearances.

And that includes getting them plastic surgery, one assumes.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that I think of it, which prison diid I read about where the gummint was paying to have criminals' tattoos removed by laser treatment?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, sarcasm aside, by your methodology one would conclude that Parekura Horomia rapes at least one teenager each week.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon, further to last, it is interesting to note that during the 1950s, Mr Tautari's older brothers and uncles were subjected to a regime of physical violence which today would have landed the perpetrator in jail for many years. No, not in their homes, at school at the hands of the headmaster. My memories are vivid. Of course, I was never touched because my parents would not have put up with it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous!!! You are pathetic!! How about you come to my house and explain to my 8 year old brothe why his Dad cant come to his football, softball, swimming, school activities...... Let me tell you something about my Dad!! He did not have an aggresive bone in his body.. It's people like you that create the evil monsters that did this to our family. I hope you would never read such filth about someone you love and lose. I will not be returning to this site so I do not expect a response. However I just wanted to tell that no matter how ugly you think he was I loved my Dad very much a he did not deserve to be treated in such a violent way... Neither did his mother deserve to live to see such a thing.


Deeply HURT