Friday, December 21, 2007

Security Team Banned For Next Four Matches

Amid claims of 'spear tackles' and 'whacks in the ear' and 'headlocks' the judicial panel of the National Football League has been forced to ban the Lockeroos for a few matches after a brawl broke out during yesterday's fixture between the Security Scabs and the EPMU Thuggers. Bloodthirsty sports fans will have to wait until the Security Scabs and the EPMU Thuggers meet again in three month's time for the great Electoral Finance Act knock out competition to be held at the CakeTin.

At one stage the Thuggers invoked the video ref in a claim of dangerous playagainst the Scabs but the ref saw the real deal and charged the Thuggers.

The local Labour candidate was last seen running for his life, leaving behind only a charred copy of his practicing certificate and a demand for name suppression.


PM of NZ said...

Aah, the Thuggers, The Scourge of Productivity

dad4justice said...

Are these thuggers a threat to the muggers under the control of the thieving liarbore snake like gummint regime ? Nothing wrong with a bit of ol' thuggery to scare the crap out of the coward communist bastards !~!~!

Sean said...

Haha. Brilliant. notice how the EPMU thuggers got their whining lies across to the media just nicely. A sad pack of clowns they are. No doubt Little will come up with some sort of spin/shit to explain this members out of this embarrassing incident.