Sunday, December 30, 2007

School Kids on Holiday

Bill Ralston has an excellent piece in this morning's Herald. The title might have been 'Labour Parties While National Works.'

It appears Labour thinks it has some dirt on a National Party MP and is set to release it shortly before the election - apparently they are referring to it as a 'neutron bomb.'

"Chortling Labour MPs refer to it as their "neutron bomb". It is a rather scandalous tale about a senior National MP timed to detonate when the election campaign begins."

Meanwhile National is hard at work exposing Labour's 'waste and stupidity.'

"Labour can try and dig up old scandals and hurl them at its opponents, but the Nats may prove the best way to discredit a party is by exposing its waste and stupidity."

Someone needs to tell the Labour's strategists a little about subliminal messages. If they adopt this tactic and IF the Gnats manage the accusation well, their mud slinging will bounce right back in their faces and finally give National the very edge it needs to govern on its own - proving the usually reliable Matt McCarten wrong. Adolf's instant reaction to the words 'neutron bomb' was 'this is a bunch of school kids - why would you allow them to run the country?'

I'm very pleased to see National working through the so-called break. Here is a clear point of difference between the Gnats and a tired, dispirited, worn out team of losers. (Maybe Labour should be lining up against the Bangladeshis and the Indians over the break.)

Adolf needs to repeat here his earlier admonition that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must the National Party ever again have any 'dealings' with Winston Peters.


Kevin said...

Nor any dealings whatsoever with the Maori party if it means the foreshore and seabed issue is back on the table.

KG said...

Key will deal with the devil himself if it means being the next PM.

dad4justice said...

I think the politicians who offer atomic bombs ,or testing them,making them , politically they backward and retarded .

When the mud throwing starts Liarbore will lose . Public are in for a big shock . It will be front news on NY Times etc...

Anonymous said...

If Labour goes ahead with the neutron bomb, then National would be totally justified in raising the Cullen issue publicly.

Sean said...

If NZ First do get wiped out at the next election (please, please God) then there will be a new problem child to take their place: the Maori Party.

I know Adolf is quite excited at the prospect of them in a govt with National and ACT, but I can't see it. They are just too diametrically opposed in too many ways. Of course there will be some common ground, so at best you may get a deal where they abstain on S&C issues.

Similarly, Labour too will have their fair share of problems in trying to work with the Maori party, and any of those commentators in the media who think they naturally sit well together better think again. Have they forgotten Helen's famous comment from the 2005 election?

It will be tough for National in 2008, even if they maintain a 10% gap over Labour on election night.

Raffles said...

Get used to it. The Foreshore and Seabed bill must be and will be repealed so the iwi get the legal right they had to challenge in the courts before Helengrad stopped them.

Pita Sharples and his team know full well that the only way ahead for them is with National. No way will Liarbour back down on this issue.

Full access for all to beaches and Maori seats until all treaty settlements are complete will be the major issues killed in the deal

Rumpole said...

Peters is dog tucker in Tauranga and hopefully will not achieve 5% so what happens to his party vote in the equation if it reaches say 2%. Hopefully National will field an outstanding candidate to oust the Snakeoil salesman Dunne and reduce the otherwise inevitable horsetrading of MMP which is destroying the integrity of the political system.