Sunday, December 9, 2007

The "profoundly anti-democratic" Kill The Bill Movement

I was reading the Sunday Star-Times profile of John Boscowen
and noted the latest Chris Trotter column, published in Friday's Dominion-Post and it is somewhat amazing for its breathtaking arrogance and bullshit.
The way he brands the Kill the Bill movement and those who marched in Auckland last Saturday as "profoundly anti-democratic" is amazing in the extreme.
Like many on the parade, this was a first time march for me.
What made me do it?
It was about freedom. The freedom to speak out. I do not want any government silencing me, especially when that government is able to use MY money as it sees fit.
The leftist support for the Electoral Finance Bill always refer to 'big money' from 'big business' and the Exclusive Bretheren.
But remember, 'big money' finds its own way into the Liarbour party through its own friends in big business, like Aussie-based Ex-pat Owen Glenn who gave Dear Leader's party $500,000.
And the Exclusive Bretheren, far from it's support helping National, probably cost it the last election.
So Dear Leader wants to stop the EB's from actually hurting National and helping Liarbour?
We must remember the unions fund Labour. I have no problem with that, as I have no problems with 'big business' funding whichever party it too fancies.
The leftists consistently fail to mention how Liarbour stole the election with its overspending and the use of taxpayer funds for its pledgecards.
Now, David Farrar says he has been unable to find pro-Electoral Finance Bills, but while Trotter is not representative of any of our media, his comments give an idea of how the Left is 'thinking.'
Here are some choice phrases from Chris Trotter to chew over this cold, wet, Sunday.
Though the overwhelming majority of the 5000-6000 participants in last Saturday's demonstration would indignantly reject the idea, they were not marching in defence of any recognisably democratic principle at all, but to defend the aristocratic principle: the right of a small, self-perpetuating minority to use the power conferred upon it by the possession of great wealth to negate the rights and aspirations of the majority.

The conservative ideology, which inspired the "Kill the Bill" movement, is profoundly anti- democratic. Historically, it has resisted every attempt to expand the realm of freedom. It opposed the abolition of slavery and rejected the extension of the franchise – up to and including women's suffrage. It never accepted the right of workers to combine in trade unions, and fought the creation of the welfare state. Conservatives have argued strongly against both racial and sexual equality. Their ideal society is characterised by privilege, hierarchy, discrimination and deference: rule by the few – not by the many
The Electoral Finance Bill, by threatening to starve the conservative elites of the funds they need to ensure that popular deference to wealth and privilege remains ingrained in the electorate, constitutes a direct threat – not to democracy, but to its polar opposite, Economic Royalism – the aristocratic ambitions of those whom President Theodore Roosevelt described as "malefactors of great wealth".
In place of reasoned debate, they offer inflammatory slogans. Rather than sift a multitude of truths, they have mobilised a legion of lies. No longer trusting in the calm deliberation of Westminster, they seek to unleash the tumult and violence of Venezuela.
And herein lies the threat to constitutional democracy.
But who is acting like Chavez, but Dear Leader? Who is the real threat to constitutional democracy? Liarbour and Dear Leader!
Who is offering 'inflammatory slogans' rather than reasoned debate? but Dear Leader and her Liarbour party.
And what is more anti-democratic than a government raiding taxpayer wallets to fund its own re-election campaigns, while depriving those very same taxpayers the right to do the same?
But of course we cannot expect lefties like Chris Trotter to see sense on this issue. For he is the one who backed Labour's 'acceptable' corruption in Election 2005, because it simply kept National out of power. The ends justified the means.


David said...

I thought Chris Trotter was better than that.

To insinuate that "Kill the Bill" marchers are equivalent to pro-slavery groups is vastly over-stepping the mark. He has lost credibility.

To dismiss 5000+ busy people, who willingly gave up several hours to express their displeasure at the EFB, as if they were just sheep, persuaded by big money, is to make the same mistake as those leading Labour, Greens, Winston First and United.

Anonymous said...

Really, who gives a shit what Wormtounge Trottersky says anymore?.

His only use in this day and age is that of a barometer:

If he supports something or someone, then the cause of Liberty,freedom and prosperity will be served best by doing, or supporting the complete opposite.