Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Hating and Wrecking PM

Helen Clark referred to the Maori people who descended on parliament to protest her Foreskins and Seaweed legislation as 'haters and wreckers.' She made these remarks from the safety of her office before she scuttled off to talk to a sheep in Central Otago. Not having the fortitude to face the music, she directed her then minion John Tamihere to hold the line.

Clark will live to regret this smart arse one liner which, probably, will be her epitaph.
'Here Lies Helen Elisabeth Clark Who Lived a Lie and Lied to Live Hater of Christians and Wrecker of Conventions'

It is useful to review the list of institutions she has wrecked:-

Television New Zealand

Our apolitical public service

New Zealand's electoral law and its associated conventions

The integrity of the police force

Labour's hold on the Maori vote

NZ Police

The New Zealand Labour Party

Readers are invited to add to the list via comments.


Buggerlugs said...

Don't forget sport.

dad4justice said...

Don't forget the appalling child abuse statistic's . To all the slimy liarbore Queen's horses I suggest the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty could be a suitable epitaph for the insane whore Miss Klark .

Mark said...

Or screwing over there natural allies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mark, for Labour there is no such thing as a natural ally. Just friends of convenience as had their National Socialist predecessors, if you remember.

Fairfacts Media said...