Friday, December 14, 2007

On Any Given Day.......

'On any given day you will find in the the country's jails more lawyers than insurance salesmen' is an old adage from the life insurance industry.

Today's news of Five Star Finance confirms the adage.

Alcatraz Prison Picture

Readers will see that three lawyers have been helping themselves to investors' funds whilst deceitfully advertising that all the funds are properly secured and most of the funds are lent on small consumer loans.

Adolf wonders what the Law Society will have to say about these fellows?

When will we see the first ever unwinding of family trusts to retrieve other people's stolen funds, for stolen they have been, albeit legally.

Then, once the precedent for unwinding family trusts has been established, who long will it be before IRD goes to work on some of the more blatantly obvious trusts set up for tax evasion/avoidance?


David said...

Plenty of precedent already Adolf, albeit in relation to marital property disputes and settlements. It really depends on the willingness of the complaiant to finance a legal campaign and the hunger of the l;egal representative. Trustbusting has become the specialty of a number of feminist lawyers (for example) where the motivation appears as much to stick it to the philandering male as to seek equity.

dad4justice said...

Feminazi lawyers and nutbar bias psychologists in the De Family Court get thousands upon thousands of tax payer dollars for persecuting innocent fathers to the point of suicide . They all laugh that the child is cot case in madness, as the gravy train pays well and all the judges go yahoo another male client to fuck over . Lawyers are filthy liars but they make excellent judges !!

Reasonable Ray said...

Lawyers outnumbering life insurance brokers in jail was an adage I quoted to a colleague merely minutes before I read this post, curiously.

Unwinding trusts has become almost an industry, largely I imagine as a consequence of their popularity in recent years. There's a firm in ChCh who's business is largely in bullet-proofing existing trusts. The IRD will need no prompting in climbing into to this 'sector' at some point. The clock is ticking.