Saturday, December 8, 2007

Now I Know Why.......

Now I know why the Cadaverous Cow mused on TV the other day that 'private individuals bringing prosecutions against public figures is of concern.....'

Adolf imagines everyone thought she was referring to the spectacle of her hangdog bully boy Mallard, featuring in the best National bill board ever produced. (The district court shots were priceless)

But no, it's her little mate Cunliffe she was really seeking to protect. He is being prosecuted for blackmail, no less and it looks as though the case could surface during the eleven month run up to the next election, if we have one.

(Pic pinched from whaleoil)

Look for urgent legislation retrospectively banning the use of private prosecutions against public figures. Thus will Labour be saved from further public humiliation while their tame police force and crown law department ensure anyone not well connected to Labour is prosecuted until his nose bleeds.

I hope Tuariki John does him like a dinner, even though he appears to be one of the best of an incompetent bunch.

Note to feminazis: Use of 'he' infers 'her' or 'it.'

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