Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Most Expensive Junk Ever

Remember the triumphant pre-election 2005 announcement of the RNZAF Skyhawk sale?
Was it Filk Off who made all the noise?

'They'll never fly again.' said the Squadron Leader. 'They're just scrap now.'

How mush have these damned things cost to keep in storage while the most inept salesmen in the land tried to hock them off?

Labour is still trying to blame the Yanks for their non-sale. Of course nobody could expect Labour to know that the US government doesn't permit private companies to buy military aircraft.
Now these expensive pieces of junk are being stored out in the open because they have insufficient value to justify the expense of indoor storage.

Come the next election, New Zealand voters will be able to apply the same treatment to Labour. Turf them out to be stored in the open air. They no longer have sufficient value to justify feeding and clothing the pricks.


Will de Cleene said...

They could always gut the electronics and stick 'em in playgrounds. Oh no, those pointy edges might hurt someone.

Anonymous said...

Also, I heard a very interesting comment today from someone in the law enforcement community who knows how much of a payout Rickards got.

Oh dear, it makes the Mogridge & Wall clusterfuck of 1999 look like peanuts!

Johnboy said...

Dont forget that the great antiwar protestors who have become the Government of this Land of the Sad Red Cloud have bought twice as many LAVS as we have crews for and now have a Navy that can only deploy one frigate at a time. When it is deployed it is a liability to our allies (IF we have any left) as it does not have the ability to defend itself against the threats it is likely to face. The legacy of windbag Lange I suspect is stalking this little island of fools while dear leader is stalking the UN looking to see if there are any vacancies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You mean 'The Sad Red Shroud'

Psycho Milt said...

"...apply the same treatment to Labour."

Including spraying them with a coat of liquid latex?

Michael T said...

It's sad the Nats haven't said a f**king word about this.

Heather Roy has won my vote (in Wellington) on the basis of her holding the Defence Minister to account. A pity that Blumsky turned out to be such a disaster.