Friday, December 14, 2007

The Hapuka's Wind Bag

Like a bloated overweight Hapuks floating on the surface of the political sea, Windbag Winston tries to keep his face at the forefront of the media.

Winston Peters has claimed Bob Clarkson overspent during the 2005 election. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Unfortunately for the old fish, Bob Clarkson is no push over and now we see the greatest ever practitioner of parliamentary slander getting a bit of his own back.

Apparently Winston is an authority superior not only to the Auditor General but also the High Court.

Yes, this is the same coot who lectures Fiji on how it should conduct its affairs.

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Peak Oil Conspiracy said...


The money quote in the article:

"Mr Peters is now challenging his opponent to make the statement outside the protection of Parliamentary privilege and says if he does he will sue."

Clarkson should accept this challenge - on the condition that Peters repeats, outside the protection of Parliamentary privilege, all the defamatory statements he's made over the years. If Peters has "forgotten" what those statements were (selective amnesia), I'm sure the blogosphere could cobble a list together.

Peters shouldn't incite others to do what he's too chicken to do himself.