Sunday, December 9, 2007

If only she'd met him weeks ago!!!

Dear Leader has jumped over 'the Ditch' to hobnob with one of the very few successful Lefty politicians around- newly-elected Aussie PM Kevin Rudd.
One can only guess what cropped up as they ate an 'informal' lunch at Kevni's Brisbane home.
Perhaps the importance of interest and mortgage rates, as Bill Ralston mentions in his Herald on Sunday column today. Rudd did an excellent job of demolishing predecessor John Howard over the issue, when Helen's record is far worse.
As noted yesterday on this blog, interest rates in New Zealand are among the highest in the developed world and may rise further. Yet, Liarbour has escaped much opprobrium for this, when her policies of high government spending are largely to blame.
Bill Ralston notes Austrlia's wealth is often credited on mining, but correctly notes that on a per capita basis, New Zealand makes far more from its farms, so it should be the richer of the two. We have failed through mismanagement, and Ralston then sheets home a string of Liarbour government cock-ups.
Anyway, Dear Leader looks to be enjoying herself and TV3 and ABC has coverage here and here.
Now, I wonder how meeting his first foreign PM will have on the popularity of the newly elected Australian PM.
After Dear Leader visited UK PM Gordon Brown, his popularity went into freefall and slumped behind the opposition Tories.
And we know what her presence does at games of All Blacks, netballers, yachting, etc, etc.
If only she'd visited Rudd weeks agao, little Johhnie Howard might still be in power!!


Anonymous said...

She was probably there to tee up a immigration agreement - to stop Kiwis entering Oz!!!

dad4justice said...

Poor Kevin doesn't look a happy chappy as Auntie Hulun just told him that 'give it a boot Robbie Deans ' is coaching the next Australian rugby team ?

I wonder if it was tea from China ?

More to the point where was Pedro lurking ?