Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Wouldn't Miss The Next Six Months For Quids

The 'Right Wing Blogger' is off for a well earned break but takes a well directed parting shot at the Cadarvorous Cow and her pet theme, climate change.

Ms O'Sullivan has a habit of putting into words opinions held by Adolf but not yet put into sufficient order to publish.

My favorite among her predictions is the demise of the appallingly destructive global warming conspiracy. Second is the prospect of Winston, Jeanette and Rodney looking for jobs. Of course, Rodney is eminently employable.

Update: The Dompost weighs in with its predictions - fairly insipid, I thought - among which is this wet dish cloth "A scandal bubbling away beneath the surface will erupt..." Yawn! Yawn! Have some courage, people. Tell us which one it is which is doing the bubbling. Is it to do with a certain court appearance in Los Angeles?


Anonymous said...

What court appearence?
Is it Peter from His USA holiday?

Please tell us...

KG said...

C'mon Adolf--do tell!