Saturday, December 22, 2007

How Labour Americanized The Public Service

Labour's catch cry over the years has been the 'evil American' system. Who can remember their claims of National or ACT 'Americanizing' the health system or 'Americanizing' schools or 'having their policies written in Washington'

Now, thanks to Fran O'Sullivan, we can see how Labour has Americanized the once independent NZ Public Service. Her piece is a devastating indictment of Labour, SSC Prebble and the Public Service.

I suspect this is the first time the real chicanery of Labour and its cronies has been laid bare for the public to see. See how Prebble conveniently ignored this gem from Rennie:-

"Rennie's report noted Curran's note focused heavily on the proposed tactics associated with a planned launch of climate change work.

"This included minimising the risk of negative comment from 'Greens' (by which Ms Curran meant the Green Party and Green NGOs) and timing the event to dominate the media agenda for that week. While departmental advice on communications can appropriately consider tactical issues, it should focus on the presentation of government policies and avoid the appearance of advice on the political management of government announcements."

As an aside, Adolf has learned over the past three years that every time Labour accuses an opponent of some heinous misdeed, one can be confident Labour already is heavily engaged in the particular activity.

The first task facing National, Act and the Maori Party when they take office next year is to restore the integrity of the public service and the police force. Dr Prebble should be called in for a detailed discussion on this particular report and a few others, after which discussion his resignation should be tendered on the grounds that the new administration and the public has no confidence in his integrity.

It's called 'having a clean out,' I understand. Commodore Bainimarama would be glad to offer consultancy services.

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flashgordonnz said...

Know anyone who thinks, on balance, MMGW must be true, because "no one would lie about this, surely?"

Lend them a copy of the "Great Global Warming Swindle" and see their eyesopen wide.