Sunday, December 9, 2007

"home" for Christmas. But to what?

I've been busy these last few days preparing for my annual Christmas trip back to the UK.
But what will I find when I get there?
Will the place of my birth, and where my parents and brother live, still feel like home.
Or has it abandonned Britishness for some 'alien' cultures?
This Daily Telegraph story notes the demise of traditional Christmas nativity plays. Schools are so scared of upsetting other faiths that they abandon that of the majority. But where muslims are a majority, as this story also notes, then there is no 'offensive' singing and dancing.
I'm not at all religious, but even I realise there must be some 'Christ' in Christmas. Isn't HE the reason for the season?
Of course, we know the true reason for this. The new racism of the 21st century, the racism of the left, the bigotry of the left, political correctness.
Jeremy Clarkson of TV's Top Gear show explains at length in the UK Sunday Times how "We've been Robbed of our Englishness."
When I was at school, teachers spoke with pride about how a little island in the north Atlantic turned a quarter of the world pink, but now all teachers talk about is the slave trade and how we must hang our heads in shame.
Right. So we must forgive Germany for invading Poland. But I must beat myself to death every night because my great-great-great-grandad moved some chap from a hellhole in Ghana to Barbados.
Clarkson continues:
all we ever hear now is that we in England have nothing to be proud about. In a world of righteousness we are the child molesters and rapists.
Our soldiers were murderers. Our empire builders were thieves. Our class system was ridiculous and our industrial revolution set in motion a chain of events that, eventually, will kill every polar bear in the Arctic.
And it gets so much worse. Because if you say you are a patriot, men with beards and sandals will come round to your house in the night and daub BNP slogans on your front door. This is the only country in the world where the national flag is deemed offensive
A very funny way of putting it, but so sad all the same...


barry said...

Re displaying the national flag, what a comparison with the United States where the Stars & Stripes seems to be flying outside every second home and office building.

The UK is in the grip of putrid multiculturalism I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I think when you get "home" you will wonder whether you in fact left NZ.
The UK are having the same problems with the NHS, the education system and a dishonest Labor party rorting the electoral system.
One thing I have noticed recently is there is a real hatred of the middle class lately - 2 references in the SST today alone.
This item sums it all up really nicely:


Seamonkey Madness said...


The first bit of your post reminds me of an episode of South Park, way back in the first season in 97/98 - Mr Hankey (The Christmas Poo).

"This Christmas-themed episode of South Park opens as the children rehearse their Christmas play. They are performing a Christian Nativity, and when Kyle's mother hears of this, she is angered by the play, because her son, a Jew, plays the role of Joseph. Mrs. Broflovski is offended by the Christian imagery, and demands that the religious elements be taken out of the public school Christmas pageant. Kyle suggests they celebrate Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo as a non-religious substitute for..."

poneke said...

Mr Hankey is one of my favourite episodes of South Park, and lo and behold, it became available on DVD for the first time in NZ only last week!

Needless to say I rushed out and bought it.

Sean said...

Always have to blame the I read from the article:

""I have never met a single Jew, Muslim, Sikh or Buddhist who has objected to the commemoration and celebration of the birth of Jesus," he said. "In Islam, he is a prophet and his birth is described in the Koran. It is not other religions that are pushing for this at all.

"If we avoid Christmas we are pandering to a secular minority and allowing the event to become all about commercialism, presents and self-indulgence."

So, ummm, you're not going to fix the issue by blaming the wrong people are you? Why don't you start with the secular atheist liberals who hate anything to do with Christianity?