Monday, December 24, 2007

The Happy Face of Christmas

This is the bloke who threatened The Herald with tax penalties. Remember him? Here's his subliminal Christmas message to Herald readers. Straight from the Mallard lexicon - " ....fuck you.."

Michael Cullen. Photo / Richard Robinson

It pays not to annoy the biggest daily paper in the land because when you do they publish images you'd rather not remember.

Bloody funny.


dad4justice said...

Smile as you're on caustic camera :-)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Kinda looks like Helen rang Michael and said 'Look, we need a settlement before Christmas to show we care for the Horis'and Michael pushed on without doing his homework.

Any competent administration would have identified the protesters (who probably have legitimate grievances it what they perceive as 'their land' is being handed over to another hapu)and would have resolved the issue before moving for the big photo opportunity.

Unpopular and incompetent.

They could get away with being a pack of pricks so long as they were seen to be competent.

Fraid the game's over.