Monday, December 17, 2007

Guests who crap on your carpet

It's ironic, really: I write a(nother) post extolling freedom of speech in comments threads, and soon a bunch of right-wing trolls turns up to spew pointless abuse all over it, thus providing for any lefty readers a compelling example of exactly why they take steps to prevent stupid fucks like this coming along to stink up their blogs with poisonous hate. And in another ironic twist, the same three morons managed to get a comments thread closed on NZ Conservative the other day. Are they lefties too, you dumbasses?

Well, OK, fine - doesn't make me any less committed to the view that everybody hates somebody and keeping them from saying so just brushes it under the carpet. If you trolls really are right-wingers though, you should maybe look up "counter-productive" in the dictionary...


dad4justice said...

The commie red cat shit on the carpet over night , just look at the polls you lefty nutbars !! Oh , how sad , move along , nothing to see here . Just do what every other coward lefty wacko does psycho milt - BAN ME - as I couldn't give a hoot . Russell Brown set up coming up ? Go on milt you soft cock !

Psycho Milt said...

"Russell Brown set up coming up ?"

You must be joking! When you constantly strive to illustrate my point like this? You're doing such a brilliant job of it I'm worried people will start to think you're a sock puppet I created...

dad4justice said...

No sock puppet milt , far too clever for that . You go on about internet etiquette and decorum while your insane supreme leader spurts words like "cancerous" and "feral inbreds" to smash her opponents ??

What really bugs me about you lefty know all wimps , is that you are frightened of anybody who provides a credible challenge to your communist indoctrination . I mean to say linking the NZ Conservative , milt , really you are so weak in character I actually feel very sorry for you .

Lairbore stool pigeons always fight low as they a sub species of moronic cowards blinded by dysfunctional ideology's and insane rhetoric . You and slimy, smugarse Brown are classic examples from the red gallery of the absurd . We can go at each other all day milt , however why should I waste my time talking to a deranged freak that just won't except that the wayward stinking thinking from a corrupt Labour /Green alliance is all but over . We must destroy this insidious government at all costs because you twisted lefty head cases have destroyed the moral backbone of this Nation !!

Rick said...

With you all the way Psycho Milt.

If that Redbaiting duffer joins KG that'll be all the more reason not to read his blog. The major reason right now is technical- their feed descriptions dropped out many moons ago.

KG said...

"If that Redbaiting duffer joins KG that'll be all the more reason not to read his blog."
You need more reasons not to read the blog? How many do you need?
I'll see what I can do. :-)
As for feed descriptions--I have no idea what they are and even less interest in finding out. We don't blog in order to play "my commenters are more numerous than your commenters".

dad4justice said...

"With you all the way Psycho Milt."

What a disgrace to Canterbury !!

Anonymous said...

D4J, if you bothered to look you might find that Milt supports the current Labour government about as much as you do.

Piss off.

mawm said...

If you trolls really are right-wingers though, you should maybe look up "counter-productive" in the dictionary...


Mark said...

Just because you don't like what somebody says is not a reason to stop free speech.

Otherwise, no one would be able to speak up.

That's the test of free speech - that you are willing to defend what you regard as the worst.

KG said...

hmm...I've just been over and had a look at that comments thread again--near as I can tell, it was a disagreement between just two people which caused Lucyna to shut the thread down.
Not exactly a big deal.

dad4justice said...

"Piss off."
From another anonymous coward . Thanks for proving my point wimps . Hi fugley ? The left are in a foul mood today, as dear leader is rather septic on her meds . Just imagine the odour in level 9 today . Yuck -talk about a mess on the carpet !!

Rick said...

I keep up with blogs by reading the feeds. You used to have a normal feed like everybody else. But, as I commented at the time it happened, all your feed puts out now is the title of each new post and the author. That's never enough to tempt me to click the link and go to the blog.
No Minister, by comparason, have entire posts publshed into the feed.

If you could put the setting back to the old way it would be of great benefit to those of us who utilise feeds. No way in hell I could keep up with more than half a dozen blogs without feed subscription. As it stands I'm able to keep up with 200+ at a glance.

What a disgrace to Canterbury !!

You don't want them thinking we're all sporting rabies do you?

KG said...

Thanks Rick. To be honest, I have no idea how to fix the feed, but from your description it sounds like a pretty handy thing to have.
I'll try and find out more.

Redbaiter said...

"poisonous hate"

For God's sake. How pathetic. You're just another sad commie loser Milt, with nothing but the same old same old false allegations and paranoid labels that are always the final resort of the no argument leftist stooge. As for your look alike commie mates and their predictable comments here- so arrogant. You think if I gave a damn for the partisan adjudications of committed leftists I'd still be writing on these blogs??

These people are barren of ideas and stupid Milt, and I know that because they actually put effort into something that is so pointless and worthless without even coming close to realising the utter futility of it.

They're so so stupid, because they cannot see the most obvious fact that I just don't give a damn for their opinions on Redbaiter. What the hell do they think there trying to achieve with their pathetic circular back slapping? Slow witted ineffectual egotistic morons. Just the kind of low IQ losers who would lack the wherewithal to perceive anything destructive about leftism.

As for your allegations of hate Milt. Lets get it right. What I'm advocating is an end to the tolerance that the right have customarily shown to people whose objective is to exterminate them from the political landscape. There's no reason to like such people, who have also, as part of their power obsessed political strategies, corrupted our education system, polluted our media and perverted our democratic system. All with the objective of making it impossible for any other political viewpoint to be expressed, or even considered, let alone acted upon.

The truth Milt. That's what I'm writing here. You're totalitarian thugs. I know it, and if you don't know it yet, that's my point. You need to know it. We're just not going to take it anymore. We're sick of your grinning self deceit, your expectation of friendship whilst you use your vote to steal from us, and threaten our property, and limit our freedoms more everyday. Its over Phil. Bottom line. You are just not worthy of the regard you so arrogantly and deceitfully demand.

KG said...

Feed fixed. I think. Maybe. ;-)

Redbaiter said...

Phil.. Milt, what the hell? Does it matter?

Psycho Milt said...

Uh, sure. I'm a totalitarian thug, brutally and ruthlessly... er, providing you with the platform from which you're abusing me. Thanks for clearing that up.

dad4justice said...

Talk about abuse Milt , you won't know the meaning of it . This government is guilty of large scale negligence of children as CHILD ABUSE figures indicate . Every sordid government supporter should hang their insipid heads in SHAME !!

Leftism will be destroyed totally in New Zealand as ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!You pricks stinking thinking and pc deception have stuffed this Nation . I will kick anybody in the guts who attempts to STOP the repair job . That's that !!

Redbaiter said...

"providing you with the platform from which you're abusing me."

Awww, wah wah wah, I'm "abusing" you. Poor ickle Milty Wilty. Have a good cry Milt, and maybe after that you'll manage a better come back.

Same old same old leftist fall back position. Aimed at closing down debate and stifling criticism. Because I'm attacking your ideology, and your actions and words in pursuing that ideology, I'm expressing "hate" and "abusing" you.

You see Milt. You just proved it again. You're a totalitarian, using age old communist strategies to try and limit debate. You're not??? OK, then why don't you come up with something to counter my viewpoint Milt? Tell me why I should like you.

..and by the way. You don't *have* to provide anyone with a platform. Can't take the heat man, get out of blogging. Maybe you should just limit your blog to expressions of fawning sycophancy like those that already exist on this thread. Like that don't you?

dad4justice said...

The stupid communist greens are bleating on the radio , "what did we do wrong to drop below the 5 % "

This is how stupid the lefty twits are . 80% of parents are against the SMACKING BILL .

And, people vote Sue Bradford as best MP on kiwiblog ? WTF - how dumb are these twits ? Doh wake up Chester and kiss the trollop !!

God help New Zealand .

Psycho Milt said...

I don't need a "come-back." As I've pointed out, you and D4J are about as counter-productive for the right as I could possibly wish for. Please feel free to continue.

dad4justice said...

Counter productive poll was it Milt ?

Move along nothing to see here .

Redbaiter said...

"Please feel free to continue."


Milt, you could have left it as it was at the end of the last thread. Yet you chose to begin a new thread on the damn issue, wherein you made all sorts of pathetic and bogus allegations.

Now you're suggesting *I* should continue?

If you're out of your self serving fabricated allegations of "hate" and "abuse" Milt, and if you haven't got any kind of real argument in you, (obviously not) and you're not going to start any more infantile spite driven threads on this pissant issue, and your sycophantic little twerp mate Rick has finished drooling saliva everywhere, then what's to "continue"?

DenMT said...

Redbaiter, you know exactly how right PM is here. As the sole invited lefty contributor to a predominantly right-wing blog, he is consistently fair, even-handed, and reasonable in his commentary. By letting loose yet another unhinged, needlessly vitriolic attack on him you just make yourself look like a twat.

I would have assumed that the silence of all your 'compadres' on this issue might have caused you to temper your diatribe somewhat. Sadly not.

The point is, do you (and D4J) really imagine that anyone takes you seriously? If your platform is that lefty totalitarian knuckle-dragging scum, or whatever your epithet of the day is, are neither worthy of engagement in debate nor even capable of it, why would anyone even bother arguing with you except for sport?

I don't ever bother posting on Kiwiblog because it is so full of this kind of shit (from both sides of the spectrum obviously) and it is a shame to see this place go the same way. I may not post here that often now that Chefen seems to have gone AWOL, but Sir Humps and now this place have always been good for rational, reasoned debate.

I'm not advocating banning of Redbaiter, far from it. But the very fact that no other commenter sees fit to call a gaseous, ridiculous caricature of a troll exactly that is disappointing.

Lift your game, everyone.


dad4justice said...

"The point is, do you (and D4J) really imagine that anyone takes you seriously?'

The Families Commissioner and several Judges, police officers, take me very seriously denMT thank you very much . I have nothing against Milt , however don't you try and undermine my credibility .

This place , like kiwiblog is only a small fraction of blogosphere where I lurk . What did Milt expect stirring me up ,lol, should I just shut up ?The EFB is next year and I am making the most of freedom of expression before the insane suicide Klarks nails down the coffin lid !! Get stuffed mate, as I speak sense and this country will bloody listen ...

Tux said...

D4j, I'm sure you don't use the terrible profanities, personal insults, and other forms of contempt in your correspondence to the Judges etc.. maybe thats why they take you seriously?

Why do you insist of lowering yourself online? You are actually quite articulate when you don't resort to insults. Your opinions are taken serious when you don't resort to profanities.

Otherwise your coments are just pointless noise.

dad4justice said...

Tux - unlike Members of Parliament I act in the Court room with the utmost dignity and respect . Dozens of judges will verify this FACT . End of story and don't off ever tell me how to write, as I'll slay the shit outta ya.

Good day madam or sir ??

Redbaiter said...

"you just make yourself look like a twat."

Jesus H Christ on a bike. What is it with you people that the point always goes so far over your head? Den, in your opinion, I might look like a twat. But for God's sake man, just think about the answer to this question, and I hope you can answer it for me, for right now I continue to be completely at a loss to understand your need to express such opinion. Why should I care about your opinion? Why do you think I should care? Don't you get it? You're a committed leftists. Always have been and always will be. Why the damn hell should I ever credit your opinion of Redbaiter with one ounce of credibility? Don't you even think to ask yourself that question? Why should Redbaiter care about your opinion of him? Why? Tell me please, because for the life of me, I can not think of one infinitesimal reason why I should. All I see is utter arrogance in your repeated pronouncement of such opinions apparently in the delusional belief that I should care. Den, you're not that important. You're nobody Den, just another faceless socialist, full of the usual dopey socialist ideas, the usual irrationalities and immoralities that underpin an ideology that is the refuge of the hopeless. Den- I DON"T CARE..!!!

What I do care about is the absolute farce of a leftist like you superimposing yourself upon this argument and assuming the role of objective arbitrator. For Christ's sake Den, I know you're a leftist, but are you really that stupid that you can't appreciate the worthlessness and artifice of your pose??

"The point is, do you (and D4J) really imagine that anyone takes you seriously?"

I don't need to answer that question, because its asked with all of the pompous prejudices of the usual foolish leftist bigotry. There is one point to respond to tho, and that is that D4J is his own man, speaks for himself and hoes his own road. What he does is his own business. I neither discourage or encourage him. He's an adult. He makes his own decisions.

"Lift your game, everyone."

Get fucked you pompous windbag.

dad4justice said...

Well said redbaiter , however just one minor adjustment regarding ,"hoes his own road."

I prefer to use a D11 Cat bulldozer rather than a hoe :-)

dad4justice said...

You know operation leftism storm , don't need much to bury the socialists as most of them have their crony necks already submerged in shit .

KG said...

"I would have assumed that the silence of all your 'compadres' on this issue might have caused you to temper your diatribe somewhat."

If you assume that in my case, you're wrong. My silence is due entirely to my enjoying reading what Redbaiter has to say. Anything I could add to what he's already said would be pointless, since I agree with him 100%.
I may debate things rather differently with PM but that has fuck-all to do with what any lefty regards as debating standards.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I've been watching this thread for a few days. My blushing shrinking violet personality has caused me to stay on the side lines. However it's fair to say I agree with pretty much most of what RB has to say and most of what PM has to say. When they both get going, what more could be said?

Grant S said...

Y'know, I've often asked why it is that so many seemingly intelligent people embrace socialism ? - and that they then gleefully subscribe to the totalitarian mechanics required to implement such a scheme.

I recall a statement made by Tammy Bruce - a former poster girl of the US Left. She knew hundreds of senior socialists, she had excellent secular-progressive credentials - she is a lesbian, who herself had a pretty tough upbringing and her share of personal tragedy. Tammy's theory was that socialists tend to be "damaged" people and/or misfits.

They are people on the "outside" - whether through personality defects, such as intense jealousy and envy, a deep sense of inadequacy or something that sets them apart from the "mainstream".

Sounds about right to me.

Grant S said...

...and most of what PM has to say. When they both get going, what more could be said?...

Psycho Milt is a prissy but complacent totalitarian Leftist - he who has the audacity to complain about abuse, but then uses expressions like "stupid fucks", "poisonous hate", "morons".

It is Leftists like PM who seek to pillory and vilify anyone who dares to offer an dissenting opinion of their world view - and the Right have cowered to such tactics for too long. Fuck that.

Rick said...

Crusader Rabbit's got the full feed up again!

Thanks mate.

KG said...

Thank you Rick--I had no idea it was down until you pointed it out.

Peace be unto you in this season of God's Will said...

And how do the millions of Christian Socialists fit into your world view?

To me and many others, socialism is an extension of Christ’s work upon the earth which is to live as God commands in the bible and to order society as a Christian society. After all Christ’s message was a socialist message. Did he not say that it is harder for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and the meek shall inherit the earth.

I see the hate and dehumanising language banded around on the blogs by all sides and pray that God will come into your hearts and strip the hate from you.

dad4justice said...

Yes I am thankful that David felt the hate when he slung the baseball -sized stone that smacked ( was allowed then ) into the forehead of Goliath and killed him - eh Father Christmas ?

Psycho Milt said...

I think you'll find David wasn't a Christian, D4J. The Bible is helpfully divided into Old and New Testaments to assist you in figuring this stuff out.

dad4justice said...

Clearly you are insane milt , maybe a long overdue rest is needed as Jesus had Davids bloodlines . Look I don't know what you problem is but I suggest you stop the crap .

DenMT said...

I don't want to perpetuate this as it is not achieving anything. Suffice to say that I am perfectly satisfied that anything I write as a comment on this or any other blog, I could happily also say to someone's face in person.

Ask yourself, Redbaiter, whether the same is true for you, or whether the anonymity of the internet gives you the confidence you need to puff up your chest and let fly with all of your usual empty vitriol. I suspect not, but if the answer is yes, lets have a beer some time and argue our principles, as I'd like to see that display in person.


dad4justice said...

"I don't want to perpetuate this as it is not achieving anything."

DenMT ; Is that a subtle way a socialist shit stirs ? Just asking , no malice intended deary .

Redbaiter said...

"I don't want to perpetuate this as it is not achieving anything."

Den, there's nothing special being "perpetuated" FFS. Milt wants to portray anything that reveals the true face of leftism as hate and abuse. It isn't. Its honestly expressed criticism, and I see no reason why you cannot react to that criticism with reason rather than with the wild accusations typified by Milt.

Allegations that are in reality only the same old same old leftist strategy that has been so useful to you in the past wherein anyone who seriously challenges your political supremacy has to be marginalised with false and emotive labeling. Straight out of the Joe Stalin Bluecap's handbook.

What you need to do is understand you've been sprung, and such tactics won't work anymore. I am the resurgent right. You're not going to make me feel ashamed of myself. You're not going to make me shut up. You're not going to make me go away. You need to learn to deal with such confrontation, not resort to the same old same old attempts at denigration and marginilisation.

Its not hate. Its not abuse. Its honestly expressed criticism, and because that is what it is, yes, I would if it were necessary and possible, say anything I write here to your face. No problem.

One thing tho Den, if such a meeting did occur, you'd need to have answers wouldn't you, because you wouldn't have there the opportunity to hide behind empty issue dodging allegations, and then slink off into the blogosphere like a retreating jackal as Milt so frequently does.

(Well you could of course still slink off, but as your thesis implies, not without a much heavier dose of shame than you might feel on the internet.)

..and there is something being achieved. You and Milt and others of the left are being made aware that your time of political and social ascendancy is about to come to an end. Because we both know that the reality is you have no answer. No rational debate. The blustering accusations of Milt represent your whole armoury. You are the emperors with no clothes, and Redbaiter and others are pointing this out more and more every day. You are the builders of this Potemkin village, and we are exposing your back yard.

Two choices Den. Stick with your socially destructive ideology and keep dragging this country down, or join the resurgence. Continue into the abyss, or break free of your lemming like attachment to leftism, and join the fight for freedom. Not a difficult choice really. Is it? Is it?

dad4justice said...

comment of the year redbaiter .
in solidarity brother .

Peace be unto you in this season of God's Will said...

Dad4Justice – I am unsure as to what you mean. The story of David is from the Old Testament, before Jesus came with his message of love.

Redbaiter – When you argue against the extreme form of socialism as presented by the Marxist’s you use the very tactics of your enemies. All I see from you is false and emotive labelling that demonizes your opponents. You also confuse the motives and understanding of others. I am socialist, a Christian socialist, and I have no time for Marxist’s. Your simplified view blinds you to the truth. In deed you seem to be ideologically bound to that other equally unchristian political philosophy – libertarianism. Libertarianism with its worship of the individual is the greatest threat to social cohesion in modern society.

You can stick with your socially destructive ideology and keep dragging this country down or free your heart and fill it with Christ’s Love.

Psycho Milt said...

Redbaiter's motto is lifted directly from Mark E. Smith: "...all those shall feel the wrath of my BOMBAST!"

Don't worry, RB - I'm sure the incoming regime will reward you handsomely for your heroic efforts to win that vital strategic battleground, the blog comments thread.

I'm going to "slink off into the blogosphere" now, although some might call it "stop banging my head against the wall," but I'll leave you with a fine and most applicable quote from Lucyna, one that D4J would do well to apply as well:

I suggest to you that the only person you have power over is yourself. If you master yourself, you will become infinitely more influential that you are now.

Redbaiter said...

I'm going to "slink off into the blogosphere" now,

That's right Milt, and as usual without having made any substantial point in defence of your ideology, but only after the usual weak and predictable attempts to smear your critics. Are you really that blind that you cannot perceive how well you fit the picture I have painted of you?

dad4justice said...

" I'll leave you with a fine and most applicable quote from Lucyna, one that D4J would do well to apply as well:"

My four children just read your comment from Lucyna concerning things and I can assure you coward,you are hunk of spineless , steaming , sickly, socialist shit . The carpet sweeper comment you psycho wacko is my children all say BOLLOCKS to your cowardly smear !!

They're thankful I am the way I am . We can't fathom these lefty creeps . They are well below all our understanding .

I will part with this milt ;you are a coward psycho milt , a jellyfish and a demented snake !!!

Lucyna said...

Peace be unto you in this season of God's Will, socialism and Christianity is incompatible. I wrote a post on why a little while back. It's an easy mistake for people to make, though.

KG said...

"Libertarianism with its worship of the individual is the greatest threat to social cohesion in modern society. "
Rubbish. Utter bollocks.
The leftists totalitarian mindset views "social cohesion" as some kind of Utopian state and you lot are determined to impose it despite the evidence of history.
Aren't the gulags and mountains of dead enough evidence that you rotten ideology is a failure? You think that trying it all yet again but with slightly different labels will give a different outcome, but at heart you're all the same herd animals looking to impose your rotten worldview on free men and women in the name of your stinking "social cohesion".
It comes at too high a price. Even if the end were desirable--and that's highly doubtful--the price is too high. Just ask a Russian or a Cuban or a Cambodian.
If you lot value social cohesion so much then go and live in Cuba or North Korea.
They have lots of cohesion--not a lot of food or freedom, but cohesion by the bucketload.

Psycho Milt said...

Life's just one big false dichotomy to you, isn't it KG.

KG said...

Just as life is one big denial of the roots of your ideology for you, PM.

dad4justice said...

Checkmate on the NZ Conservative tonight oh Walter Psy Mitty ??
I am still waiting for a answer to my question and silence is soooo deafening I just couldn't resist a bit of a hurry up over here ? Hey no name , your move darling .

Dear psycho milt - the lightbulb is on full beam .The EFB makes things happen fast now . Please listen to News Talk ZB tomorrow morning to hear how Fathers alienated from their children feel at Christmas time.

Personal abuse , please milt you attacked me from day one at Sir Humps. We go back a fair way and tune in as you might be pleasantly surprised ?

Nothing like desperation to inspire inspiration, but you need a heart to understand that . By the way milt what is your real psycho name ? Cheers big ears - Peter Burns

dad4justice said...

Checkmated on your own blog snog -haha. Can you play cards ? Got some tissue papers dear Walter ? I hope your carpet is not too wet . Just ask Russell Brown for some nappies .

Psycho Milt said...

Posted on NZConservative:

Now Dad, if I'd wanted people who Google my name to discover I waste inordinate amounts of time talking shite on the internet, I wouldn't have troubled myself to come up with a pseudonym.

I've presumed far too much on Zen and Lucyna's goodwill as it is - how about we make a deal? There'll be nothing more from me ever about your religion, I think I've made my point. In return, how about you don't troll my posts?

From reading the above, I guess the "don't troll my posts" part isn't a goer. Nae bother - you get the "no more about your religion" gratis.

Psycho Milt said...

Just as life is one big denial of the roots of your ideology for you, PM.

You mean, the kind of denial that says "Hitler? He was left-wing. It's National Socialist Party, see?" We got a good helping of it on Kiwiblog today, and very funny it was too.

dad4justice said...

Nice try Walter Milt Psych , however to enter into a agreeable contract with a totally anonymous creep on the internet is bit like George Bush laughing at Miss Klark about a free trade deal . Wonder where Peter is going at Christmas time ?

No deal coward no name . Can you play tiddlywinks , your turn , come on you socialist suckhole slimeball (SSS).

End of comment for me and your blog as I will cc this to your blog snog . Sorry team for the extended commentary .

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 8:17:00 PM NZDT

Psycho Milt said...

Uh, sure - whatever. I'll stick to my word re your religion, seeing as I foolishly gave it. Run along, now.