Monday, December 17, 2007

Field Appeal Dismissed

The umpire has shaken his head and said 'not out.' Philip Field will go to court and face charges for bribery and perversion of justice.


Will Clark find a way to suppress reporting of this case, using the Electoral Finance Act to somehow deem any reporage of the event to be 'political advertising.'


KG said...

I'm looking forward to breaking the law when it's passed.
Any suggestions?

mawm said...

What really pisses me off is that H1 and H2 should both have been given their 'not out' decisions by a judge and forced to stand trial for corrupt use of taxpayer monies.

dad4justice said...

I wonder what the H1 State Hwy No 1- speedgate trial cost the NZ taxpayer monies ? I mean to say the stitched up cops and their poor wives all got a lovely trip in the tropics and judge john was a happy chappy .

Johnboy said...

Surely if an individual takes a position opposite to that of an MP for example "honesty" as opposed to "dishonesty" that individual will be liable to prosecution under the EFB.