Sunday, December 23, 2007

Don't knock Telecon NZ, too much

Greetings from Wetherby town library.
I have been back in Yorkshire for just over a week now and had been hoping to get back online pronto.
Alas, broadband in the UK is not what it is cracked up to be.
First of all, my retired parents have no computer, thus no broadband.
Thus I have had to come here and also visit a cybercafe in historic York, which is also 10kms away, and I have no car while here.
Ringing around the major ISPs , etc, you must sign up for a full year, costing well over £100, which is hardly worth it, especially as it takes 2 weeks to get connected!
Furthermore, with them living on a country lane, their phoneline is shared with a neighbour, something known as 'daxing' . Engineers would have to be called out, costing a further £50 to £200.
So I am having to look at dial-up. A company called tiscali does a pay-as-you-go option which looks promising, so lets see if the computer shop in town deals with them.
But i recall signing up with Xtra was much less hassle, even if their DLink routers are so bloody crap. I might have gone through six of their useless routers, with the latest, already broken as it came fresh out of the box (second time that has happened) but at least Xtra can have you online in a day or so.
All they have to do is flick a switch, but when the Royal Mail broadband department was asked why they cannot speed things up, they blamed their 'automated processes'. So much for progress!
So that explains my absences over the past week or so. Hopefully, I'll be back online soon, even if it is dial-up.
BTW Airport internet costs are horrendous. In the US brace yourself for 25cents a minute and 12 euros an hour at frankfurt. Makes to $2 or so for ten minutes at Auckland International, a positive bargain.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Or 20 minutes free at Singapore even better.

Anonymous said...

Or unlimited free broadband at Auckland City Libraries and a growing number of smaller district libraries...