Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dear Leader needs to know the media must do it's job

Being away, I missed much of what Dear Leader said about the media.
But it seems she is unhappy with Granny Herald.
How dare the media do what is an essential role of the Fourth Estate?
How dare it act as a public watchdog?
How dare it criticse the government?
How dare it! How dare it! How dare it!
Dear Leader has been blessed with the most psychophantic and supine media imaginable.
Years ago, she reportedly passed on her cellphone number to many hacks and they were so awed.
Has she got so used to seeing New Zealand's media licking her bum, that she cannot bare the hacks kicking it.
The media has an essential role in acting as the public's watchdog of government.
Such a role is essential in a democracy. It is part of the freedoms we expect in a Western Democracy, though it seems a freedom many take for granted.
What we see from Dear Leader is that she seems unhapy with such democratic freedoms.
Does she have further designs on regulating the media after the Electoral Finance Bill?
Her atacks on the nation's media seem to sugest she might.
But Dear Leader needs to know that she herself and her government have suffered because until now, the country's media was too much in her pocket. It was too much Helen's lapdog, Helen's little helpers. Though of course some papers, especially one particular Sunday, still seems to have that role.
But the media exist to warn too. To help stop a government making mistakes.
Indeed, I would argue that the media being so spineless for so long has made the government cocky, has made Dear Leader think she is invincible. Thus, by accident or design, the Liarbour led government has come up with disastrous polices like the Electoral Finance Bil.
Had the New Zealand media been more robust and critical earlier, Clark might have forseen problems with the bill. The media might have signposted more acceptable alternatives in time. The media might have helped Liarbour keep on its toes, rather than let party overconfidence lead to its fallability and failure. Dear Leader, thus, might have realised that she could not be so out of tune with public opinion.
And now, with a Prime Minister acting like a Chavez more than a Mulddon, we see a government floundering on all fronts.
Dear Leader thus should argue for more media criticism, not less. Her very own survival might well depend on it.
Of course the media also suffers from lack of resources and a shortage of anlysis. This new blog says it better than I can from the business room of a hotel. Puneke seems a worthy read too.

UPDATE: Just what is it with the left. Totalitarian bastards. Over in Oz they have called for The Australian newspaper to purge its conservative commentators folowing the Rudd victory.
Hat tip The Midnight Sun.


pdm said...

Dear Dear FFM.

What part of `You must not in any circumstances criticise dear leader or her sycophants in the labour party' do you not understand.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, right on the button. (Note your link to Puneke does not seem to work)

KG said...

"Just what is it with the left. Totalitarian bastards."
Asked--and answered.

Psycho Milt said...

"Just what is it with the left. Totalitarian bastards. Over in Oz they have called for The Australian newspaper to purge its conservative commentators folowing the Rudd victory."

Just what is it with the right? Totalitarian bastards. I well recall Sir Humphreys looking forward to a thorough purge of Radio New Zealand once National got in (in 2005 - snigger).