Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dear Leader dumped by voice of pinko, wet white middle-class liberalism

As significant as Oprah Winfrey joining the Republican Party, is Herald on Sunday columnist and talkback host Kerre Woodham now becoming "agnostic" about the Liarbour Party.
Why on Earth is Labour making it so difficult for even their most ardent supporters to love them right now? Is this some sort of test of fealty? You have to stick with us even though we're behaving appallingly?
Helen Clark is big on loyalty - which is vital if one is to have longevity in the political world - but some senior Government members are acting up so badly, they've descended from puerile to infantile.
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Michael Cullen's fury over John Key's jibes in the house seems out of all proportion to the actual offence. And every time John Boscowan's name is mentioned, the Prime Minister and her number two start frothing at the mouth and inferring everyone who marched against the Electoral Finance Bill is a mindless Act supporter being manipulated by a rich puppeteer.
Personally, if I had truckloads of money, I could think of better things to spend it on than half-page ads in daily newspapers exhorting New Zealanders to rise up against the Bill, but it's not my money and Boscowan can spend it how he will.
And while some of the marchers were undoubtedly rabid Labour loathers, not all of them were, and it diminishes the Prime Minister to imply that's the case. Labour's in grave danger of imploding and depriving all the political junkies the sport of a close election next year.
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I'm becoming a political agnostic. Intuitively, I believe well- meaning left-leaning policies and state intervention are the answers to helping the disaffected, but in the absence of any proof after nine years in that direction, I'm suspending my belief. Instead of expending so much energy on politics, I'd love to see this Government spend some time on policies.
We can argue over her former faith in state interventionism but when Dear leader is losing the support of voice like this, she is in BIG TROUBLE. What next? Radio Left Wing saying nice things about John Key?

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KG said...

Fast learner, she is. It's only taken her nine years to begin questioning the effectiveness and integrity of the socialists.