Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Catholic Invasion of Britain

Something Lucyna at NZ Catholic, I mean Conservative, missed- Catholicism is now the number one religion for practicing Christians in Britain.
Most people still identify as CofE/Protestants, but thanks to an invasion of Poles and other East Europeans, the Catholics have the fuller churches.
However, the Pope did gain a notable new recruiit- former PM Tony Blair! Who it seems has long been under the influence of wife Cherie. Though as critics noted, Blair passed legislation like civil unions which contradict the teachings of Rome.
Tony Blair's ex media chief Alastair Campbell quipped that at least Blair had not gone muslim.
Talking of which, their numbers are apparantly 1.5 million and rising, rapidly.


Lewis Holden said...

Not to mention Britain has an established state religion also. Meanwhile in Catholic Ireland, just over half of the Irish are now Catholics.

Seán said...

They deserve it. The C of E has been so limp-wristed in its response to the liberal/PC erosion of British society it appear they have lost any respect from its followers. The numbers speak for themselves: with 25M adherants, less than a million go to church. A similar number of Catholics attend mass in UK but they only number 4.2M there.

I would also blame the pathetic attempt to 'modernise': "In an attempt to combat the declining interest in traditional religion, the Anglican Church has launched radical new forms of evangelism that include nightclub chaplains, a floating church on a barge and internet congregations.

Don't they realise that all their followers see is a embarrassing gimmick set to fool no-one.

It's all a bit of a shame really. Most would classify CofE "moderate", and their decline has been for the benefit of the whack-job pentecostals. Not good news.

Seán said...

Lewis, not sure where you got your information from, but 2006 has Catholics at just under 87% in the Republic.

Hardly what i would term "just over half".

Considering your attention to detail over at your blog, this exaggeration of yours is indeed surprising ;-)


I think Sean is right.
The CoE doesn't really seem to believe in anything.
I don't agree with the pope and his teachings.
But at least you know where he stands.
The Archbishop of York seems ok though.-
He's quite forthright. He actually seems to believe in God and Jesus and recently took a strong stand against Zimbabwe.
This was quite a contrast to the Bishop of Durham who was consecrated at York Minster and infamously doubted Christian teachings. Not long after, York Minster burnt down in what was jokingly seen as an act of divine retribution.

Lewis Holden said...

Ah, you're right, I'm mistaken. The figures I read are to do with Church attendance. Mea Culpa.