Friday, December 28, 2007

Can't they just get stuffed

I'm beginning to sound like Peter Cresswell at Not PC.
Here's Trevor Mallard telling us all to 'go green' this Christmas.
But I am getting so sick and tired of the constant nagging and hectoring from government.
And judging by the polls, I think a lot of New Zealand is too.
Just before Christmas, Beatle Paul McCartney urged us all to go vegetarian for the sake of the planet.
After hearing more eco-nagging like this, I'm in the mood for a big steak.
Go on, tuck into lots of meat and fish this Yuletide.
Just to piss off the interfering busybodies!!!


flashgordonnz said...

Other than (yummy) potatoes, the only vege on offer Xmas day was salad. I don't eat leafy salad in polite company or restaurants on account of me being a bit awkward with a knife and fork.
• So I had several helpings of Ham and chicken.
• I also gave a greenie a lecture on why I believe cutting down trees and burning then is not green, merely pagan.
• I lent my copy of “The Great Global Warming Swindle” DVD to my brother-in-law, who was thoroughly won over.
• I had a shouting match with my mother over this government of hers (she votes liarbour every time, Dad fluctuates between them and the (non-) Progressive bloke).
So I feel I’ve done my bit this crimbo.

flashgordonnz said...

ps And I've hoarded some fireworks that I hope to let off on NY eve (but early, before the children go to bed).

KG said...

I see now these nannying bastards are going to use "guilt and fear" in a campaign to keep us from suntanning.
Message to Helun et al: piss off and mind yer own business!

Dave Mann said...

These fucking bastards make my stomach turn with their infernal nannying. I do NOT wish Trevor Mallard a Happy New Year. I wish upon him a terrible, painful and drawn-out death, trapped in a recycling plant and mulched into a pulp while machines dump people's kerbside waste all over his sad pathetic remnants.

Fuck off you prick, and take your stupid nagging with you into whatever green hell you can think up.

KG said...

so--you're not a great Mallard fan then, Dave?