Friday, December 14, 2007

But Here's One Who Should Be In Jail

This high profile noise bag has been running a claytons finance company which has been promoted as a tax free managed fund.

Doug Somers-Edgar
Doug Somers-Edgar

Notice the similarity with most of the other failed finance companies. A raft of 'related party' transactions, all eventually coming to roost at the feet of the man himself. A high proportion of commercial loans with questionable security and vetting. A whopping 32% of the book described either as losses or being of doubtful value.

The country won't be able to build prisons fast enough to house all these rat bags.


Reasonable Ray said...

How DS-E has stayed out of the pokey all these years is beyond me.

Oswald Bastable said...

Sheriff Joe could tell Corrections how to build a prison in a week!

Peak Oil Conspiracy said...

See details of a court case involving DS-E:

"Edgar's other claim was that I acted with malice. Until the court hearing I had never set eyes on him, never spoken to him, and never had any communication with him personally although he and his company have previously threatened to sue me. His allegation of malice referred to my habit of calling him Edgar rather than Somers-Edgar."