Friday, December 21, 2007

Burger King Sues Stuff

If they haven't, they should.

Adolf read a piece this evening in which Burger King was done over by some gormless prick complaining about being served coffee in a paper cup. Right next to this piece, the paper ran an advert asking people to name a burger. You could not see whose burger you were nameing so you would assume it was one from Burger King.

But no. It was from the masters of low nutritional value, MacDonalds.

Dum Stuff! ! ! ! !


Anonymous said...

The Advertising Standards Authority's decision is a must read. It's currently available at:

If that fails, try:

The money quote:

"However, turning to the advertisement before it and taking the point of view of the consumer, the Complaints Board said that the disclaimer “Serving suggestion only” could be interpreted to mean that although in this instance a cup and saucer had been used, in another instance the coffee could be presented in a bowl, or shown as black coffee, or have cinnamon sprinkled on the top, for example. It did not specifically alert the consumer to the fact that the coffee was not available in a china cup and saucer, but in a paper cup."

Note to fast food advertisers: it would help the busybodies at the ASA if you never forget to mention that your high-calory wares come in an environmentally-friendly plastic wrap.

Anonymous said...

Ah... make that "calorie"... I didn't know I had NCEA English inside me. I must've been thinking of celery. Or something healthy ending in "y".

ZenTiger said...