Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bilious Bitch Gets Boot

David Farrar has commentary on this evening's two opinion polls, TV1 and TV3.

We are almost at the stage when no amount of electoral bribery, faux departmental electioneering or legalistic restrictions on opposition campaigning will save the scrawny PM and her band of gangsters.

If the Gnats are really smart, when they win the next election with enough seats to govern alone they will approach the Maori Party and offer a coalition deal with at least one seat at the cabinet table. Labour needs to be buried for at least twenty years and its as well to start planning for the next three elections rather than just 2008.


Anonymous said...


National, Maori and with a bit of luck ACT will form the next government. Justifiably the three that vote for democracy this week.

I reaaly think Dunne could be toast in Ohariu on this and the greens struggle to make 5.

Add in WFirst unable to make 5 and ...voila we have a good old fashioned rout

Psycho Milt said...

"...its as well to start planning for the next three elections rather than just 2008."

Steady on, Adolf. You're one step away from suggesting they think up some actual policies...

dad4justice said...

Oh no , the jackbooted leather feminazi Liarbore trollops are getting a severe kicking .How sad , can I bring my hob nails along to put the slipper into the filthy snakes ? Second thoughts , a flame thrower to burn the beastly witches would be more appropriate.

Haha - I want the Labour and Greens obliterated forever from the face of the New Zealand political horizon because it is one of the requisites of my sanity .

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Psycho, on this one.... although I'm probably coming to the same conclusion from a completely different route - hahahah!

Anyway, Adolf, what you say about forming a coalition with the maoris doesn't make any sense if the Gnats had already achieved the treasury benches in their own right. However, for them to then fuck up their own position and force themselves to compromise with a bunch of separatist racists and whingers is the sort of thing I have come to expect from them, so perhaps it would be exactly the sort of thing they would do. Interesting. Perhaps we should all vote National next year as a sort of sick practical joke, just to see how badly you can really stuff up a country that used to be a place worth living in.