Saturday, December 8, 2007

Best Comment For Months

From Kiwiblog:-

  1. the deity formerly known as nigel6888 Says:


    Key’s comment was about that pinko turd darren hughes who has lodged himself so far up the PMs bum that she may as well have given birth to him.

    Key also used a phrase that appeared in a major puff piece clearly placed by Labour’s PR wing in either the herald or the SST article about the “hard working etc etc Darren etc who is so close to the PM he is often referred to as “the son she never had” blah blah blah.

    Whereas Cullen’s “riposte” demonstrated what a nasty mean minded little prick he is - its a perfectly legitimate question to wonder why the worst form of abuse he could think of to throw was to accuse key of being “rich”.

    nice. and this is our Finance Minister, committed to returning NZ to the top half of the OECD - in all stats except GDP per capita it seems.

    Of course little jimmy sleep - who fondly imagines himself following in darren’s footsteps and being the grandson Clark never had, springs to the rescue of his beloved leaders deemed insult. He is young and can be forgiven.

    “Paul” of course is simply the latest manifestation of the labour activist troll stationed on kiwiblog to “manage” the debate - now that the angry hostile trolls have been found to be ineffectove. Shame you had to draw the weekend shift eh “Paul”?

    [DPF: 10 demerits for pinko turd.]

I like the ten demerit points. Very much akin to Trevor Mallard's promotion which was dressed up to look like a demotion for the intellectually vacant supporters of Labour.


dad4justice said...

10 demerits for this man when hinamanu can call me a kid fucker , just like roger nome and stan done and nobody gives a hoot !!!!

Lee C thinks it's funny . Fuck kiwi's make me sick in the stomach . What fucked up coward ####'s, call a man a pedophile and laugh and back stab when he is banned !!! Proud to be a kiwi father of four children - yeah right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Barnsley bill should be commended for finding this comment from John Ansell on kiwiblog

This comment is lifted from DPF and is a long thread about Kullen's massive gaffe.
John Ansell calls it like it is.

John Ansell Says:
December 8th, 2007 at 6:43 pm
John Roughan in the same article: ‘I worry … that people who resent the rich are bound to leave us poor.’

That’s our problem in a nutshell.

By signing up to mean-spirited Cullen-style thinking for nine years, we New Zealanders have got the government we deserve.

We need to ask ourselves: how much longer do we want a government that hates the rich?

How much longer do we want a government that’s opposed to the stuff that allows us to buy decent hospitals, schools, roads, police, etc.

What does it matter, you might say, if Clark and Cullen haven’t a clue how to take us anywhere on the OECD ladder but down?

What do a bunch of acronyms like OECD and GDP matter anyway?

Well, not much, I guess.

Unless, say, your mum’s got breast cancer, and needs Herceptin.

Because guess which countries tend to fund a full course of this life-saving drug?

By a weird coincidence, it’s numbers 1-19 for GDP per capita in the good old OECD.

And guess which ones tend not to? That’s right: countries 20-30.

Countries like New Zealand.

Because we’re too poor.

Because our government resents the rich.

So James Sleep…

…I think it’s great that you’re throwing yourself into political debate at such a young age.

You’ve got guts to put up with the abuse that’s hurled at you.

(It’s a real shame that people can’t just debate the issues, but good on you for giving as good as you get.)

Why am I being so nice to you, you might ask? Well first, I don’t think all the abuse is fair.

And second, because I think you’ve got a good brain, which suggests there’s every chance you’ll change your mind one day.

You’ll have heard the saying, “If you’re not a socialist at 20 you’ve got no heart, and if you’re not a capitalist at 40 you’ve got no brain.”

So many of today’s so-called ‘extreme right wingers’ (nothing of the kind really) started out on the left.

I’m talking about people like Alan Gibbs, a communist in his youth as I recall.

And Ken Shirley, once a Trotskyite.

And Don Brash, a Fabian Socialist.

And Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble - Labour to their cotton socks.

These men all swallowed the socialist line that salvation for the poor lay in fleecing the rich.

But each discovered in their own way that the theory didn’t work in practice.

The rich are by nature more courageous than the rest of us. They’re prepared to take risks that we aren’t.

But only if they can get a reward to match the risk.

That’s fair, isn’t it James?

Take away the chance of reward and they won’t take the risk. And society won’t get the benefit of the innovations and jobs that their initiative brings.

Alan Gibbs discovered this in Yugoslavia, en route to Moscow. He was horrified by the gloomy dysfunctional society he encountered.

(He now lives in London, by the way. I suspect he finds Clark’s New Zealand much the same.)

Roger Douglas realised it by observing the fool’s paradise created by the National socialist Muldoon and the preceding Labour Government.

(He thought this the worst government since the war - and that was while he was part of it. I think he’s revised that assessment in recent years.)

You might observe, James, that, as with the Berlin Wall, the left-right traffic is pretty much all one-way.

I seem to recall hearing recently about someone switching from right to left - can’t remember who, possibly Ross Meurant - but they’re very much the exception.

Communists become capitalists. Capitalists don’t become communists. The Chinese are just the latest to realise that.

Most people would rather be rich than poor.

So James, you might not want to be rich at the moment - that’s fine. But please allow others - and your country - the opportunity.

If all Michael Cullen’s ‘rich pricks’ up and leave - as many will if Labour win the next election - the country would grind to a halt.

Then you may not be feeling quite so comfortable.

KG said...

beautiful! The truth in a nutshell--but that won't stop the lefties thrashing around, nit-picking and reducing it to the question of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
Anything but face facts, in other words.