Thursday, November 22, 2007

A World without Islam

A few days ago, I said we should give our thanks to America, for it as a force for good in the world.
Today, is the US holiday of Thanksgiving and it gave me an idea.
Last Sunday, I posted a link to a UK video which postulated a 'A World Without America.'
But taking a look at the greatest threat today, and that only America seems steadfast against its threat, what about "A World Without Islam?"
I am sure that it would be a better place. There would have been no 9-11 or any of the countless number of religious killings committed in the name of the Religion of Peace, by the website of the same name.
This, has led to some other suggestions, alternative histories even.
A world where Mohammed was never born. The entire middle east would still be Christian. Christianity probably would have taken the Indian subcontinent as well. Africans would probably be equally advanced as the rest of the world, since it was the Muslims in close proximity to Africa and the Islamic appetite for slavery which persecuted an entire continent. NW European countries probably wouldn't have been able to compete with the Christian middle east. England, France, Germany, all those countries would not be G8. The G8 countries would be in the middle east.
And Yiab has this to say.
Not sure if either is cirrect, but an interesting view all the same.
What do you think?


Sean said...

What about that "konquererz" on the site you link to for Yiab? What a dick! Has he ever been out of his Alabama basement?

Anonymous said...

Hi all

The only good muslim is a dead one.
Islam is a religion of extermination.
Western white christains beware, there is am mussy near you wishing to slit your throat.


Psycho Milt said...

In your case, I can only wish him every success.

Anonymous said...

"Western white christains beware"

Christ-stains... unintentionally hilarious.