Thursday, November 29, 2007

Smiling Assassin Outflanks Queen of Text

The hapless Labour Party is so obsessed with the stealing next election that it has failed to guard it's flanks and bingo, John Key slips through the gap and strikes another body blow to the flailing, failing socialists.

Not for nothing is he called 'The Smiling Assassin.'

John Key

(Pic stolen from The Herald)

John Key is taking 'National' to the Indian community which hitherto has been regarded as solid Labour territory. Clark and Co don't seem to have realised that the majority of tghe burgeoning Indian community in New Zealand are from Fiji. They think Cmdre Bainimarama is a hero and Clark and Peters are villains, supporting the corrupt and venal Qarase regime.There is no way these people will vote Labour this time round and John Key knows it.

Yet another sector of the community alienated by Clark.


Dave Mann said...

Smiling? I would say "smirking".

Honestly... would YOU buy a used car from this man?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Very unlikely Dave. He doesn't sell them.

Anonymous said...

Actually I thought she had described herself as the Mistress of Text, a rather dominating terminology

PM of NZ said...

dave mann: "Honestly... would YOU buy a used car from this man?"

Yup, with a bit of luck. He is about to sell us the train wreck that is New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Shit, better than Clark smiling. Those teeth put you off bigtime. Hell, even Zaoui ended up with better teeth than her!