Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Sleeping Giant Awakes

Admiral Yamamoto said on the afternoon of December 7th 1941 "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant."

The latest Herald opinion poll shows the sleeping giant of ordinary New Zealanders is awakening to the machinations of those who think the EFB and its cohort election spend as much of our money as you like bill will steal them the next election.

Audrey Young noted the poll coincides with John Key's anniversary as leader. That's nonsense. John Key has largely been out of the public eye and that's why he has not gained in the preferred PM rating. She misses the real story which is that the poll wipes out ALL THE PARTIES which support the Electoral Finance Bill.


Anonymous said...

and it would be a good thing for New Zealand if they ceased to exist after election day.

No chance of that though sadly.
Kiwis have this socialist leaning that the liarlabour stalanists just love.

Mrs Danvers said...

And the best news of all is that the Greens have dipped below 5%. Thanks to that pondscum Bradford's delight in the prosecuting of a father for spanking his child. Long may it continue (downwards).

pdm said...

Barry Soper missed that point too when quoted on earlier Newstalk ZB bulletins. He put the Greens demise down to their response to the `terrorism' arrests and did not mention the EFB.


Isn't it wonderful to see National paying for all those John Key DVDs out of its own pocket.
I'm sure Liarbour would have used parlimanetarty funds, juyst like they did for its election pledge cards and bush shelter ads.

KG said...

Labour will still bribe themselves back into power come the next election.
The rustle of $50 bills is the siren-song that lures voters, bugger all else seems to.

Inventory2 said...

The Greens below the 5% threshhold

NZ First below the 5% threshhold

United Future nowhere to be seen

Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

Nothing to see here, move on......

mawm said...

Hope fully the demise of the small parties will stop the disproportionate influence they have on our lives. Bradford ..gooone, Fitzsimons..goooone, Winston ...gooooooone'
Dunne....Done.( you could have done better if you had not been so desperate to stay and did labours bidding)

Nobody supports you and your crap, you labour lickspittles.

Dave Mann said...

Have I missed something? Has National actually made a policy statement on the EFB?

I'm not being sarcastic here.. but I honestly can't remember a barrage of "We'll repeal the draconian EFB when we are the government" from the "Opposition". What is their position, or is it just a big yawn?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dave Mann, you must have been asleep or pissed. John Key has stated many times that when elected National will repeal the EFB.

Dave Mann said...

Oh thanks Adolf! I must have been sleeping off one of my many huge hangovers LOL!

Seriously? Have there been hoardes of National MPs speaking at the rallies and has John Boy been all over the radio talkback and everything? I mean.. have I really MISSED a media blitz?

For, example, if I were to go to, I suppose I would immediately get a huge message about how this bill means the beginnings of a totalitarian state and the death of demogracy... that sort of thing?

OMG... I must be slack not to have noticed all the action... gosh.. aw gee...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well if a silly old bugger like me, who watches little TV news, knows about it then I'm not sure why far more intrepid beings should be in the dark. Matter of fact, I don't go near the Gnat's website because I find it so boring.

Dave Mann said...

Well, Adolf old chap... I can tell you that I share your dinterest in TV "news'; I listen to quite a bit of talkback and Radio Socialist Aotearoa though (being self employed) and I have probably once or twice heard some vague coughing noises in the background from the nats about the EFB, but nothing that would constitute an actual *campaign*. Ditto for the so-called 'news' papers.

Their web site is not just boring - its nothing short of soporific - and as of right now (see time below), there is NOT ONE MENTION of this disgusting attack on democracy in New Zealand on the front page of their site.

KG said...

The Gnats are failing miserably as an opposition party--why should anyone suppose they'd be any better in government?
They may well be, but there's damn all evidence to suggest it and blind hope isn't much of a basis for voting for them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't panic, KG. You don't have to vote tomorrow or even next week. That is, unless you can arrange a vote of no confidence and that must be starting to become a possibility after this morning's poll.

Dave Mann said...

I think that, on the contrary, there is good reason to panic.

It seems that half the country would be willing to vote into government a bunch of spineless compromisers who have almost no philosophy, policy or ideas of their own and are only interested in continuing the slide into socialism and PC mediocrity rather doing anything positive to reverse it.

Our whole political system has become corrupted and rotten. The only alternatives are Klark or Klark's pet rabbit... and you say 'don't panic'. have you been reading too much Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy?

KG said...

True, Adolf. But I'd like to see them making a hell of a lot more noise about the EFB than they are right now.

KG said...

I'm more with Dave Mann---the Nats may well have calculated that their best chance is to slither towards the centre-left, but what NZ is crying out for right now is a principled stand against the evils of socialism.
Hoping that Key has some policies that will be revealed after the election just isn't good enough.


I'm not defending National either.
But perhaps they dont want the campaigns against the EFB to be seen as a purely National thing.
It needs to be seen as all-party or multi-party as possible.
However, I think it is time John Key started to showing more leadership on the issue.
He did before and Bill English has done pretty well on the issue too.
But National needs to do more to keep the issue in the spotlight.
The issue is a serious as liarbour's election rort over the pledgecards, on which Don Brash did a fine job slaying Liarbour over the issue, giving National a boost in the polls.
I can see a case for Key doing a Kevin Rudd-style 'me too' and not wanting to scare the horses but this is a case where he can take a principled stand.
It is an issue where a righty should not be afraid of being a righty, which so often seems the case.

KG said...

"It is an issue where a righty should not be afraid of being a righty, which so often seems the case."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Chaps, you really need to step back and see a bigger picture, perhaps. John Key has given John Bascowan the best one liner in the book. "John Key has said that National will repeal the EFB."

What more do you think the party should do? Why should National do more than clearly enunciate it's opposition to the bill? Far better to let the general public show it's outrage without having it's potency suffocated by mere 'party line' outrage. If the Gnats got into the act, Labour would simply say 'Well they would say that, wouldn't they?'Labour can't say that of the marchers, the Law Society, the Human Rights Commission, Chris Trotter, Major law firms, university lecturers and Uncle Tom Cobley.

After all, without even firing a shot, National has engineered a wonderful pizzling in the polls for Labour, along with a massacre for Greens, Baubolic and Dunny with the barbed wire scars on his arse.

KG said...

Makes sense Adolf-- I have to confess to being a political ignoramus.
I just can't get rid of this sneaking suspicion that Key is just Helen Lite and he's trying to cruise to victory on the groundswell of dislike for Helen's mob, without making too many commitments.

flashgordonnz said...

kg, watch the video, it may ease your concerns somewhat.


KG said...

Thanks Flash--will do.

george said...

My sad impression is the Nats couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. Even Helen Clark couldn't make a case for them being behind the placards. Bill English's speech raised my hopes a little but it remains to be seen whether his blue colleagues can stir their lard arses out of their sheepskin seats and actually impose their will on a serious situation. Deoending on National is however, akin to chewing on a broken tooth.