Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roy Morgan Kneecaps Clark

Labour hits the wall as the highly intelligent Kiwi voter registers his displeasure at the extraordinary incompetence demonstrated by Labour via its 'incoherent' terrorism legislation.

National is back out to a 14% lead but regrettably the Baubolic Plague has snuck up over 5%.

Just wait until the public realises that the EFB and its sister rort are a devious con job by Labour to steal not $800k but closer to $50 million to deceive and lie their way back into office

A bill board might well read 'This Time They'll Take Eight Million'


pdm said...

Its time Rodney Hide got off his arse and started chasing the Grey Power vote given they don't seem to trust National ah la 1990.

I suspect they don't trust Winston now but think they have nowhere to go.

Inventory2 said...

Who's the Mario Party? Is that a bunch of Italian restaurant owners? Will Winston "Luigi" Peters seek to lead them?

flashgordonnz said...

They advocate a Super Mario Nation.

I'll get me coat.

Anonymous said...

Mario Party? Surely they'll do a deal with Winston Pizza.

KG said...

nah..a deal with Supreme leader, surely?
(and no anchovy jokes, please!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Do you mean the party of woppers?

Inventory2 said...

Adolf - it'd make a change from a party that can't help itself TELLING whoppers!!