Thursday, November 29, 2007

Police Affidavit

Adolf has a copy of the Police affidavit submitted to the Manukau District Court to obtain search warrants for the operation which netted the Urawera 16. I have blogged before on some of the snippets from this affidavit. (BTW the originating website has been taken down.)

What is amusing is the ranting from radical lawyers and their fellow travelers to the effect that somehow the publication of this affidavit will prevent the guilty bastards from getting a fair trial. They say lawyers engage in theatrics most of the time and in this case there should be some Oscars handed out.

The affidavit is essentially a summary of the reasons why police think they have good reason to carry out further aggressive action against certain parties to get the evidence they need to launch a prosecution. A jury will bring in a verdict depending on the evidence which is put before them. The fact that the evidence is made public in no way detracts from the quality of the evidence. Moana Jackson simply is grand standing and playing the race card as hard as he can go.

When you have people playing around in the bush with armour piercing ammunition, .223 assault rifles, silenced weapons, grenade launchers, napalm, vehicle ambushes, sniper rifles, and other assorted goodies then you have a very serious problem indeed on your hands.

Adolf presently occupies an office in the same building as a well known Auckland law firm. He has noticed various suit attired dour and mournful characters in the lift muttering about contempt of court. Well , all I can say is, the legal fraternity needs to back off a little and stop showing contempt for the common sense of the average New Zealander who, if he read the 155 pages of evidence, would agree whole heartedly that the police acted correctly in EVERYTHING they did on the day they rounded up these dangerous lunatics.

Here's just one example.

Some of our darky commentators were criticising the police for including no Maori officers in the personell for the raids. Well, the evidence suggests there was a risk that such personell might have tipped of the plotters. They were being fed information from members of DOC staff so why would you take the risk of one sympathiser within the police force blowing the whole operation?


David said...

The other question for the race-based critics is "how many of those arrested are Maori?"

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I'm not sure but I read somewhere the answer is three.

David said...

That's what I thought, too. So, how can it be treated as an "anti-Maori" operation? That is nuts.

(I also read the whole 155 pages, except for the 2 missing pages.)