Thursday, November 29, 2007

The perfect holiday tenant

Our good friend Whale Oil believes Trevor Mallard is in need of a holiday.
Being the helpful chappie he is, Whale oil has posted an entry featuring a story that Ana Samways of Sideswipe ran a year ago in the NZ Herald.
But Christmas is approaching again and after a stressful and eventful year, Ducky is obviously more in need of a break than ever.
What with leaving the wife, and snuggling up to new love Brenda, though we're not sure in which order, it's been a tough year for Trev.
Then we have the mysterious Sharon, another alleged love, whose outing led to fisticuffs in parliament with Tau Henare.
So, if you have a bach to rent out over the holidays, should you give Trevor a ring?
Remember, you would need sturdy beds.
There could well be fighting and the "likeable larrikin has become a bully."
And if Pete Hodgson turns up, dancing too, as seen here on You Tube.
There may also be Heineken bottles left behind, or rammed in someone's behind.
Though judging by the picture above, Mallard is good at dealing with rubbish.
He is a Liarbour MP after all!
Hat Tip: Whale Oil


barry said...

Mallard should sack his signwriter. The correct spelling for his presumed vacation spot is, I think, Whangaparaoa.

Anonymous said...


What makes you think that he does not mean the Whangapoua on the Coromandel peninsula?



Yes I think he's after the tradiotional Cormandel experience.
Plenty of beer, bit of sun, sea, sand and sex and some of the perninsula's best pot.
Not that i partake in it myself.
i have seen the damage it does to others.
Especially in the anger management department.