Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Little Johnny Kneecaps Krudd

Adolf's ribs are aching. Thirteen Labor candidates appear to be ineligible to stand because, like good little socialists, they failed to resign from their gummint jobs before they were selected by their infinitely incompetent party. They needed the money, don't you know?

George Newhouse has previously insisted his legal advice shows his candidacy is valid.

George Newhouse has previously insisted his legal advice shows his candidacy is valid. (AAP Image: Amos Aikman)

Guess what the lead story in ALL the media will be leading up to the forty eight hour black out?

I can write the script.

'How the hell do these people think they can run Australia if they can't even manage a piddly little process like selecting their candidates?'

Suddenly those sixteen marginals are looking bloody marginal for the little blonde wax dummy.

There was always going to be a rabbit out of the hat.


spam said...

That's OK - I'm sure Little Kevin will just rush-through some retrospective legislation under urgency before the election.

...Oops - my mistake, they're in Austalia, where the Libs are running the show. Not here with Dear Leader...

flashgordonnz said...

I was praying hard for our Aussie mates. So God doesn't like lefties either! (Just kidding: I don't pray. Esp for Australians.)

KG said...

"Esp for Australians"
OI! I heard that, cobber.....

Ackers said...

Just goes to show how completely out of touch you are with what's happening over here Adolf. This is just a sign of mad desperation from an increasingly unhinged Liberal Party which realises it's toast come Saturday. The prediction always was that they would start tearing themselves apart in the final week if the polls didn't turn around and that's exactly what appears to be happening.

Possum nails it as always. 'If you have any poo fling it now.'


You might like to check out an earlier post on another Howard masterstroke we got today.


Seriously mate this election is over. The only kneecapping happening is on your guy. Rudd is looking and acting like the PM in waiting and come Saturday night Australia will be wall to wall Labor, mark my words.

Ackers said...

A couple of sites to keep you up to date with the polls and to help you cut through the spin.


and Possum of course.


You could do worse than checking out Peter Hartcher in the SMH........balanced and smart, he'll be on the money I suspect.

Michelle Grattan in the Age has her moments


And if you really must take notice of a journo in the Government Gazette aka The Australian then George Megalogenis is smarter and less pompous than Paul Kelly.


Ackers said...

Say no more.