Monday, November 26, 2007

Liarbour: The Nasty Party!

Not sure if I've blogged on this before, but yet another incident confirms my belief that Liarbour is the 'nasty' party.
Forget about talk of caring socialism, our government is ridden with petty vindictiveness, from ministers all to eager to smear anyone to get their way.
Today's example concerns a young lad who wrote to MPs about the Electoral Finance bill and received a response from Minsiter Chris Carter asking if he was a member of the Exclusive Bretheren.
So much for Liarbour talk of diversity and tolerance is hitting out at a religious group and a lad for taking a contrary view to his own. The 16 year-old in question is a Baptist, by the way.
Apart from this incident exposing yet another case of Liarbour hypocracy, it shoies shows how nasty its members are.
Trevor Mallard showed more nastiness with his recent attacks over whistelblower Erin Leigh, whose competency he doubted. Yet, as David Farrar at Kiwiblog notes, there are many springing to her defence.
Will Trevor makes his comments outside parliament where they can be tested in the courts? Perhaps not. Showing Mallard is more a chicken than a duck.
Of course, it was Mallard who made those 'whose Diane' comments in Parliament against Don Brash a year ago. But he could't take it when similar words were used a gainst him.
I recall Clark for her 'cancerous and corrosive' comments about Don Brash, showing what a nasty, vindictive woman she can be.
And she never refers to John Key by name in any of her public pronoucements.
I am sure there are many other examples of Liarbour nastiness we can also mention.
But either way, Liarbour well and truly are the nasty party.


Johnboy said...

You get nasty when you cant look in a mirror with out gasping in fright. Thats why Winston is such a nice guy

Inventory2 said...

Good post Fairfacts - it certainly makes a mockery of Labour's claims to be a tolerant, inclusive party!

As for Mallard, I would suggest that he is in for another bum-kicking when Helen gets back from Uganda. The comment in the Stuff report I blogged on said that Mallard's smear "caught the Beehive by surprise" - which sounds to me like Helen-speak for her further distancing herself from Trevor. My take on it is here:

mawm said...

Showing Mallard is more a chicken than a duck.

More like chicken shit than chicken.

showing what a nasty, vindictive woman she can be

How true that is.

Oswald Bastable said...

"Are you a member of the Exclusive Brethren?"

"No- are you a Peter-Puffer?"

Sauce for the Goose...


Exactly Oswald.
From his personal experience you might expect Chris Carter to be tolerant of diversity.
He now only has himself to blame over any comments he get concerning whether or not he drives down Bourneville Boulevarde.
People should not condemn Chris for this, but he has now opened himself up for abuse because of his comments concerning religion.

KG said...

Don't be silly, FF--religion (well, Christianity at least)is fair game but homosexuals are a Protected Species.