Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A just and fair election in 2008

A lot of the shrill from the Left over the Electoral Finance Bill has been directed towards fairness in elections. The hate espoused towards 'big money' politics is evident for all to see.

If the Left truly want a 'fair' election in 2008, and beyond, here's how it can happen:
  • State fund every political party to the tune of $3,000.000.00 to be used for the 2008 campaign. That amount is each party's cap and covers everything, including broadcasting. No private fundraising is permitted.
  • The penalty for exceeding the cap is deregistration of your party, and imprisonment for the party leader and the party secretary.
  • Parties have until next Friday, 30 November 2007, to register for the election. This gives the current parties enough time to sort their shit out, and allows legitimate organisations wishing to contest the election just enough time to sort out a name, find 500 members and register. It is also just enough of too short a timeframe so as to prohibit 'wacky' organisations to partake.
  • Parties currently in Parliament are allowed no extra funding, whether through Parliamentary Services or their own funds. Current Parliamentary Services funds for parliamentary parties are extinguished six months prior to polling day which is announced on Waitangi day - February 6th.
  • The Electoral Finance Act/Bill or any electoral law whatsoever is repealed. There are no election laws for spending, save for the $3,000,00.00 cap.
  • I reiterate, the $3,000,000.00 can be spent by the parties as they like.
  • The above process would allow parties as even a playing field as you could get and a balanced contest of ideas.
  • After the 2008 election, all parties who were successful at the election must partake in multilateral, bipartisan talks to enact electoral laws that are representative and equitable in accordance with the voters choices after the fairest election in monetary terms this country has ever seen.
If the above took place we would certainly know what support Act, Greens, NZ First, United Future, Progressives and all the minor parties had when they are allowed to compete with the 'big boys' which, let's face it, practically have a state funded duopoly election after election.


MikeE said...

I seriously hope the above is satire.

Or are you suggesting that wacky organisations have no right to participate.

In my opinions wacky organisations such as the now defunct Mcgillacuddy Serious Party have as much right to public funds at the National Party or Labour - None.

Truely fair election:

- Zero Public Funds
- No spending caps
- No limits on donations
- Full and Free speech
- No Government advertising during campaign period


Anonymous said...

It would be for 2008 only, thereafter your zero public funds and the rest of your suggestions would kick in. It is simply to get us off on an even keel going forward.


Anonymous said...

why not just run the 2008 election under the old rules. why would that be so terrible? after all, we all found out about the pledge card and the EB under those old rules.