Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hilary's hot ho! Rumours rife over carpetmunching Clinton

Is Hilary Clinton a Lesbian?
Of course, one questions is, "does it matter?"
Either way, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive, though I have yet to see any such reports in the New Zealand media.
However, after months, if not years of gossip, the much respected Times of London has repeated the scuttlebut about Hilary's glamorous muslim aide Huma Abedin (pictured right).
UK Blogger Guido Fawkes covers the scandal, which has blown-up following an article in The Village Voice.
This, then led to further coverage in Drudge and a variety of blogs, not to mention the Times making the story mainstream, with the story also convered in South Africa and in Russia's Pravda.
Guido recalls a comment from Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers who says Bill once told her Hilary "has probably eaten more pussy than I have."
Hilary's campaign says "it is not even a tabloid trash story", which is hardly a denial and pretty much what they said about Bill and Gennifer and Bill and Monica.
The American Thinker sees the story as a self-inflicted smear made to detract attention from Hillary's shortcomings.
Of course, I recall how the Sunday Star-Times once ran a front page story about Helen Clark's own alleged lesbianism. Did that come straight from the Beehive as it poked fingers at National?
And how much of the Hilary story might come from rivals in the Democrat Party?
In New Zealand, it was after all, Mike Moore, whom Clark defeated to be Liarbour leader, who did recently refer to Judith Tizard as Clark's "consort."
Well, if all the rumours are true, and we still don't know for sure, it could mean that if Helen hangs on next year, and Hilary heads to the White House, relations between New Zealand and the United States might reach a new level. I wonder if Judith and Huma would approve?
Though of course, much as we love gossip, what really matters is that both are nannying, dictatorial tax and spend, money-grabbing, power-crazed socialists!


Cactus Kate said...

In Hilary's defence, at least her "consort" is hot.

The same can't be said about Dear Leaders.

george said...

This is pretty tacky folks. I'm sure enquiring minds feel they should be kept informed but it has the odor of salacious gossip.

Given two things; one that people in public office have pretty public scrutiny of their private lives and two; that if there was substance to accusations of bent behaviour then there would also be a trail of former lovers, at least one of whom would have some sort of a snitcher. Drama and hysterics [being no strangers to the gay 'community'], would in all liklihood surface as some jilted soul homed in on their 15 minutes of fame. As some of us have experienced, women rarely fight fair and it would develop into what the newspapers used to describe as an "ugly scene". I doubt it will turn out to be little more than innuendo against some driven, power-crazed and imperious presidential candidate who has an aide who is a bit of a looker,

Would that Helen Clark could provide us with a similar diversion

Cactus Kate said...


Be patient. Timing is everything. There will be a Monica.


I enjoyed a lovely lunch at The Hunting Lodge neur Kumeu yesterday.
Perhaps it was because we were in John key country and one of my colleagues said something about John boy that discussions turned to the usual rumours.
These technology journos have heard of an incident at LAX airport following a police sting operation.
A certain lady is no longer with her secret consort of many years standing.
And that lady used to see someone in California until a well-known lesbian firned warned that she could no longer make regular trips to california to see her lover considering her high ranking position.
Now, a couple of these hacks were based in Wellington, so who knows what rumours they have heard.
Indeed, it makes one one what gossip the press gallery hacks will be sharing over various yultide festivities.