Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cougars on prowl in Kenya

My how liberated we have become.
The left need to change their view of evil men picking on vulnerable women in the 'sex trade'.
It takes two to tango!
And as we see in the Stuff article, women are at it as well.
Heading off to Kenya to pick up young black guys - a reversal of the traditional old guy gets young girl scene.
"It's not love, obviously. I didn't come here looking for a husband," Bethan said over a pounding beat from the speakers.
"It's a social arrangement. I buy him a nice shirt and we go out for dinner. For as long as he stays with me he doesn't pay for anything, and I get what I want – a good time. How is that different from a man buying a young girl dinner?"


Seamonkey Madness said...

All fair enough - old, rich hags wanting a bit of young, black cock.

But I fear that they are walking a very thing tightrope when the Stuff article says this:

"Also, the health risks are stark in a country with an Aids prevalence of 6.9 per cent."

and then:

"Although condom use can only be guessed at, Julia Davidson, an academic at Nottingham University who writes on sex tourism, said that in the course of her research she had met women who shunned condoms – finding them too 'businesslike' for their exotic fantasies."

This lax attitude will come back to bite (some of) them in the bum. Sort of like a revenge for all those white, fat English men who come back from Thailand with a "present" for their wife.


You are right Seamonkey Madness.
Anyone who indulges in unsafe sex practices is playing with fire.
As is anyone who cheats in a relationship.

My point is, we live in an age of woman prime ministers, deputy PMs, women running our largest corporations, etc.

Yet, in so many cases, the left still try and blame the male, making it appear that women are still second-class citizens incapable of making their own choices and defending themselves.

Of course, when it's their own kind in trouble, like Trevor Mallard, we see him praised by a supposedly feminist PM for 'defending a woman's honour.'

I guess I was seeing politics - the hypocracy of the left- in what might first be a seemingly harmless story about old dears enjoying a bit of fun in the autumn of their years.

mawm said...

An AIDS prevalence of 6.9% is that for the whole age spectrum. It will be far higher for young sexually active people. Be very wary of older women who have travelled to Africa!

How convenient it was for Clark to note Mallard was defending a woman's honour - and a few weeks later he is doing the exact opposite and trashing a good woman.

Is there no end to labour hypocrasy?

Seamonkey Madness said...

"How convenient it was for Clark to note Mallard was defending a woman's honour - and a few weeks later he is doing the exact opposite and trashing a good woman."


Extremely good point!

Anonymous said...

And the PM is currently in Uganda. OH of course for a moment I forgot about...... well you know....... forget I said that


Cactus Kate said...

It's disgraceful that women are paying for sex. Don't they know that these men will f**k them for FREE!!

KG said...

We'd be hearing a lot more about the risks these sex tourists pose to their friends when they return home if they were..um..male.
But being wimmin and all, it's just a jolly good story, eh?

mojo said...

& I guess exclusivity for the duration comes at some cost Cactus ... probably engenders a feeling of safety.

george said...

Great, just swell. Look forward to these homecoming queens with their crepe tits all sunburnt and a dose of the clap to keep them occupied.

Hope they managed to find time to get some prezzies for the grandkids