Monday, November 26, 2007

The Cops Were Right.

Adolf has just read the first sixty-five pages of the 155 page police affidavit submitted to the Manukau District Court. (Thanks to Kiwiblog for the tip.)

If the police had not acted as they did in rounding up the 'Urawera 16' they would have been done for criminal negligence. There can be no doubt the activities of these idiots were well and truly over the boundary of 'just a few loudmouths running around playing games in the bush.' This was much more than that. Silenced weapons, substantial quantities of ammunition, organised training for what can only be described as 'terrorist activities.'

The real scandal in all of this is that when the chips were down, Helen Clark's Labour government failed dismally in protecting us from these fools. Her legislation was incoherent and they've all been let go to continue on. Now that they have been enlightened as to the authorities eaves dropping methods, they will simply change the way they do things.

Contrast the dismal incompetent failure of Labour in New Zealand with the efficient and no nonsense actions of Fiji's Cmdr Bainimarama and I'll tell you who I'd rather have looking after the interests of ordinary people.


Inventory2 said...

There's certainly some scary stuff in there, and the police seemed to have done their homework. One of the most interesting and enlightening aspects is the number of "peace activists" who profess peace in public and play with guns on the sly.

David said...

What's the likelihood of any condemnation of these guys from the normally "anti-violence" MPs such as Keith Locke and Nandor Tanchos?

Nope, didn't thinks so, either.

I hope the prosecution manage to throw the book at them over the firearms offences. That's just crazy behaviour.