Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Civil War and the protection of your own culture

Last weekend I was in Queenstown and I read this thought provoking scenario for a future civil war in Denmark, caused by rampant immigration and Islamic extremism.
Of course such a scenario could happen in many a European country, perhaps even in Australia and New Zealand one day.
There has been some debate on a few of the blogs about where you draw the line in opposing Islamism and allowing ‘racist’ organizations to join the fightback.
Aurora over at The Midnight Sun has even posted commentary from Nick Griffin, head of the British National Party on his blog.
Normally, I would share the horror of many on the left in giving the BNP a platform, but perhaps the BNP is reforming and finally has ditched its old racist and anti-semitic ways and now offers a constructive contribution to the debate.
Certainly more needs to be done to highlight the horrors of Islamism.
Some blogs have mentioned this horrific case of the Saudi rape victim, yes, rape VICTIM, being sentenced to extra lashes because she sought media attention to her plight.
Where are the left here? Are they too stupid and blind to the religion they unwittingly promote?
Fortunately, I saw this piece from UK liberal Joan Bakewell, which made it into this Monday’s New Zealand Herald.
But I heard no call from the New Zealand government to halt such Saudi Sharia brutality, apart from this Canberra story quoting our own Dear Leader, so a rare Goodonya Helen!.
So what can we do to stop the growing rise of this barbaric Islamist culture?
I see no alternative to raising the drawbridge against such immigrants.
I am calling for methods no worse than used by such organizations as liberal as the Department of Conservation.
Where there is a predator species causing harm to native plants and animals Doc typically wants the vector removed.
Thus, like conservationists calling for the removal for stoats and weasels, so the protection of native cultures in Europe and elsewhere demands the removal of the Islamist menace.
Not so much spraying the lands with 1080 poison, more a case of trap and release back in their native homelands, via Boeing 767 or Airbus 320.
I guess that makes me the ultimate conservationist, wanting to protect the indigenous cultures of Western Europe from Islamist aggressors.
As I walked down into Queenstown that fine Saturday evening, I noted a happy scene in our own GodZone.
It was a multicultural scene of people enjoying the warm sun, Belgian beer, Danish ice cream, Belgian chocolate, Thai and Indian restaurants, and there was some Kiwiana too- all being lapped up by Asian tourists.
Who could threaten the semi-rural Arcadia that we have created here in Aotorea?
Well, the Islamists might if we let them, as they are in Europe.
Far fetched you think? Well, the number one source of immigrants Britain is from the largely Muslim Indian subcontinent. Immigration could more than double the UK population to over 100 million within a generation or two, leaving the native British a minority in their own land.
And as for that Danish ‘civil war’ , well those ‘youths’ of ‘North African origin’ have been rioting - some of them armed- in Paris for three days now ( see picture above).
Thus, the French ‘antifada’ continues.
How soon before it spreads?


Mrs Danvers said...

When are we going to wake up. Politcal correctness will be the death of us. Reminds me of Winston Churchill's favourite poem he used to recite to the appeasers of his day:
"Who is in charge of the clattering train
The axles creak & couplings strain
And the pace is hot and points are near
And sleep has deadened the driver's ear
And the signals flash through the night in vain
For death is in charge of the clattering train".

Seamonkey Madness said...

Has there even been any noise in the NZ media about the Paris riots?! How many days does it have to last until it becomes a news item, eh?

And FM, I would personally use the A380 instead of the 320.

KG said...

FF, I read that scenario about civil war in Denmark over at Gates of Vienna.
The truly fascinating part imho isn't so much the war scenario itself, but his comments about the devaluing of citizenship and the role the State plays in the destruction of the host culture.
Welfare, PC and multiculturalism are directly to blame for the fact that parts of Paris are burning.
The left are allies of radical islam in all the ways that matter.
And those who claim that there's such a thing as "moderate islam" need to wake up--the so-called moderates are merely the passive enablers of the radicals.
Just as every Christian who fails to oppose and denounce an abortion clinic bomber indirectly supports their action.
Muslims will either have to clean up their loonies themselves or face the fact that all of them will become suspects. It's no use liberals bleating about peaceful muslims when there's absolutely no way to separate the peaceful from the likes of the docs who became bombers in Britain, for example.
"Assimilate or leave" has to become the mantra of the West, for it's own survival.

ZenTiger said...

It's not a riot. The new language of the left describe such violence now as "protests". It would be a riot if too many people turned up at an EFB rally and murmured quietly to themselves.

KG said...

They're protests all right--protesting that Paris is not yet Gaza.

Psycho Milt said...

Where's the problem, righties? This kind of "protest" amounts to a recruiting drive for Le Pen, ie their continual "protests" will indeed eventually lead to a "final solution" of the problem, just perhaps not the one they would have liked.

I must admit I'll find it difficult to shed a tear when it does happen.

KG said...

We can but hope, PM. Because this problem's not fixable by any reasonable means.
The "civil war in Denmark" article that FM links to outlines both the problem and likely solutions in some detail, and while he doesn't suggest genocide is likely, he points out that failure to deal with the problem by fairly drastic means will inevitably lead to the most drastic solution of all.

Anonymous said...

While it’s appropriate to be concerned about the world-wide threat of Islamism – the politicised form of Islam that is being practiced by Islamists echoing 1400 years Islamic Imperialism as opposed to those Muslims who practice Islam for only religious sustenance – it would be wrong to embrace the likes of any fascist totalitarian political party such as Nick Griffin’s BNP where the thought of such parties in the dim light of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” will inevitably morph into the darkness of “the friend of my friend is my enemy”.

Griffin is milking the unease that is gaining momentum in the UK for all he is worth. The BNP already poses falsely as a respectable party, alarmingly pulling the wool over the eyes of increasing numbers of people. It exploits legitimate concerns that the public feel mainstream politicians are ignoring — which currently include militant Islamism.

The BNP is not respectable, but remains a deeply racist party with abhorrent views, and using a political platform against Muslims masks a racist hostility towards all immigrants and foreigners. With parties like this no decent person should have anything to do with them. But it is making headway because voters feel betrayed and abandoned by the entire mainstream political class. What makes people vulnerable to the BNP is the enormous gulf between ministerial rhetoric and action.

So far in NZ there has been no overt evidence of a growing rise of a barbaric Islamist movement and the proposal that Fairfacts Media has outlined would only be justifiable if provable hard evidence of such activity came to light. As for new immigrants coming into NZ a stance reiterated by the late John Howard’s government may indeed be needed to curb any potential rise of a culture that as in Europe has and is starting to create serious problems that threaten to undermine the very fabric of stable societies.

Serum said...

I pressed the wrong key and became Anonymous! Oh dear that will not do we cant have that.

KG said...

"..already poses falsely as a respectable party, alarmingly pulling the wool over the eyes of increasing numbers of people."
So the BNP is like pretty much any other political party, then?

KG said...

I don't want to hog the comments here, being just a guest and all but Serum brings up a point that right now is at the core of a controversy raging at Infidel Blogger's Alliance, Gates of Vienna and Little Green Footballs.
Serum, the BNP appears to have moved away from the hardcore racist stance it once had. (let me say right now I'm no BNP supporter--far from it, since I have Jewish and black friends).
If, before the last elections here a person pointed out that Labour and Labour supporters had among their ranks hardcore communists who are opposed to democracy and it would be dangerous to elect Labour, they'd have been ridiculed. So Labour is elected on their stated policies.
Since then they've mounted a sustained attack on parliamentary conventions, on freedom of speech and on democracy itself. So what you're offered ain't always what you get, in other words.
Yet...the BNP is for some reason held to a different standard. Because they once had thugs and bully boys among their members (and some still are, no doubt) the objectives and policies of the BNP are for some reason unmentionable even though those objectives happen to be in perfect alignment with a very large number of people.
Well, Labour once had union thugs beating up those who dared vote against the Party line. Labour party members travelled to the Soviet Union to study at the alter of totalitarianism. Labour members refused to load and unload ships carrying war supplies. Labour members spat on returning servicemen during the Vietnam war.
The list goes on.
I'm damned if I think lefties are in any position to dictate the terms of the debate or point the finger at any ally in the fight against islamofascists.

Psycho Milt said...

Er, yeah. The BNP, the Labour Party, not much difference there, huh? For possibly the first time ever, words fail me.

KG said...

Obviously they didn't fail you sufficiently PM.
Show me where I suggest there's not much difference between the Labour Party and the BNP.