Monday, November 26, 2007

Can NZ National find its own Maxine McKew?

Still no confirmation of celebrity candidate Maxine Mckew (poictured right with Kevin Rudd) taking John Howard's seat in Bennelong, as predicted, but the thought got me thinking.
Cannot National in New Zealand come up with its own celebrity, perhaps one who may even give Dear Leader a good run in Mt Albert?
Of course, our MMP system, with its party lists means that Dear Leader is safe, no matter how bad Liarbour perform. Well, does one seriously expect them to fall below 5%?
So who could National find? Do we have our own equivalent of the ABC journalist that has taken Bennelong by storm? Is there anyone whom National could attract?
Looking at our media girls and boys, they all seem pretty much left of centre.
The only one with any political experience is former breakfast telly presenter and weather girl Kay Gregory, now a member of Hamilton City Council, and a potential mayor.
However, or because of her appearing with Paul Henry, a former National Party candidate, I don't ever recall Kay saying anything remotely political.
I don't even recall words like 'climate change' in any of her weather forecasts. She truly appears immune to any of his charms , influences or opinions.
So, perhaps we can discount Kay from our search.
Then, today in the New Zealand Herald, I see a stinging piece on the Electoral Finance Bill from David Cochrane of lawyers Chapman trip along with legal consultant Linda Clark, which reveal how the unworkable nature of the bill will see much election wrangling happening in the courts.
The article stresses these are 'personal' opinions but it got me thinking, assuming this is the right Linda Clark as she did leave TVNZ and trained in law.
Is Linda Clark, now appearing on TV3's Sunrise breakfast show, a potential celebrity politician? Just the kind of figure to add spice to the National Party list in 2008?
I always marked Linda Clark down as a Liarbour sympathiser, but after this, who knows?
Come on John Boy, see if National can offer her a 'key' place on the list? Get Linda to battle her namesake. Two tough women battling it out will be fun.


Anonymous said...

I heard that Michael Jones (rugby fame) might be standing for National next time. Helengrad's
electorate is not too far from where he lives I believe. Would be
good if he stood against her.

Inventory2 said...

Maybe he'll stand in Chris Carter's electorate - geez - All Black legend, Samoan rugby coach, Christian, all round good guy and intelligent to boot versus gay, bigoted MP - no contest eh!

Anonymous said...

Linda Clsrk is a strong Labour suppoter. That is what makes her column so important.


Thank you anonymous about Linda Clark.
You are right, and so were my initial feelings.
Linda Clark is a lefty.
Thus, her tenchant criticism of the Bill is indeed significant.
The independent left oppose the bill too.
Its only supporters are sycophantic supporters of the helengrad regime, incapable of independent thought themselves.

This is what david farrar said :
"this is the Linda Clark whose relationship with National was so bad, that the PM banned staff from talking to or dealing with her. So if anyone is going to suggest Linda is some right right greedy lawyer, they really should not even try."
I assume the 'PM' was Shipley then.

So is there any news reader / jopurno on the the right to give National some celebrity appeal? Or all tv hacks Liarbour supporters, with the exception of John Campbell whom I'm sure i heard was more to the Alliance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You might try Sean Plunkett.