Monday, October 22, 2007

You Tube uncovers political filth

Does Helen Clark fart? Has Michael Cullen burped or thrown up in front of the tv cameras? Does someone somewhere out there have any incriminating or embarassing photos?
Over in Australia, Labour leader Kevin Rudd has faced ridicule over six year old footage showing that he eats his own earwax!
It comes months after UK prime minister Gordon Brown, shortly before moving to Number 10, was filmed picking his nose in the Mother of Parliaments. Gordon apparantly ate that too!
Of course, You Tube is bound to be used for all kinds of campaigns, some official , some not. Not to mention ridicule.
And I'm sure Whale Oil has a few more productions up his sleeve whether or not Liarbour's Electoral Finance Bill makes such messages unlawful.
Indeed, I am still puzzled by Helen Clark at the Big Gay Out this year.
Was she 'coming out' or not?
Either way, You Tube and the Internet looks set to play some role in election campaigning- an issue TV One's 6pm news looked at tonight.
And Ackers, or any of our Australian regulars, I understand an email is circulating Australia which apparantly shows John Howard looking down the chest of a young female supporter. Please send us the link. That will be worth posting too.
UPDATE: Enjoy this Fairfax Whack-a-poll game.
UPDATE2: And on the day following Rachel Glucina reported the news others wouldn't, the old tale about the hypocritical Trevor Mallard netting former netballer Susan Burridge, who can forget the classic Trevor Mallard dance.
UPDATE3: Seems 'the Gluc' got it wrong and Trevor Mallard could be sticking his beak somewhere else.


Dave said...

Three things about Susan Burridge.

1. Her name is not Susan
2. Her surname is not Burridge
2. She is happily married and her name is Sharon Gold.


Thanks Dave . Correction made .
So who is Trevor seeing?
There have been rumours for a long time.