Monday, October 29, 2007

You Couldn't Make it up: Number 94

Two facts about the United Nations which demonstrate what a joke it has become...
1. The Head of the UN's economic development commission comes from .... Zimbabwe.
2. The next Head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission comes from .... Saudi Arabia.
Cuba and China are also leading members.
Coming soon: Iran to head up the Nuclear Non Proliferation Commission!
Oh! and after losing the next election, Helen Clark will head a UN committee into democracy and government corruption.
Hat tip Iain Dale

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ZenTiger said...

Business as usual. Well, if it keeps the lefties happy, who are we to point out the sheer stupidity inherent in this organisation?

Did you see that a Syrian was appointed to the deputy chairman position of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency?

It really is that stupid.