Friday, October 12, 2007

Winston scores own goal against Fiji as All Whites game is cancelled

Fifa has slated New Zealand over refusing a visa to the Fijian goalie whose father-in-law happens to owrk for the fijian military police.

The same prinicpal, I guess, state media employees must not have boyfriends working for the National Party.

But FIFA, the worl'd governing body for soccer, has dished up some strong criticism of the New Zealand government, as it canvcelled this weekend's game between Fiji and the All Whites on Auckland's North Shore.

"Football is truly a global game and to have a match involving political interference sets a bad precedent," said Oceania Football Confederation general secretary Tai Nicholas.

Winston Peters, meanwhile, is "disappointed" by Fifa's move.

Now, I wonder whether such sporting bans will actually benefit people in Fiji or is it just another feel good move by the government to make it think it is doing something.

Of course, sport has often been used as a weapon in politics, but regardless of human rights abuses in China, I guess we'll still be taking part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and allowing Chinese sports people play here too, regardless of their family connections.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Oh dear, it just got worse for Bauble and Bitch. The young man whose father in law allegedly is a military policeman in Fiji turns out to be not married.

Which comes first? The Face or the Egg?

Seamonkey Madness said...

It's FOOTBALL ferchrissakes!

It's not like the GOALKEEPER is going to launch and assault on the Beehive.....

.....or is he?


Look we know how much dear Leader would rather read a book than watch the rugby.
Obviosuly soccer is now in her sights.
And this on top of big tellies and big cars.
What a nannying, interfering tart!

Inventory2 said...

Not been a good week for Winnie - AirNZ/Iraq, trouble at t'mill with Grey Power, and now this!

My take on it all (with help from is here:

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You know, in that picture, Winston almost looks like a sartorial goal keeper.

pdm said...

Inventory2 said
`Ihas not been a good week for Winston -AirNZ/Iraq .....etc'.

Now he is surely going to have get Cullen to part with $200,000 of his surplus to rimburse Soccer

Mind you he shoulsd not have to do that on his own as Clark is just as culpable.

Barnsley Bill said...

The Clarkula curse strikes again. But now it is the beautiful game.
What a tinpot little country we live in.
Redolent of a carribean dictatorship where the ruling oligarchy grant themselves grand titles, uniforms and lots of funded trips overseas.

Anonymous said...

Could the All Whites win if Fiji had no goalkeeper but Helen Clark was in the stand?