Thursday, October 25, 2007

What's Left? Not much for the progressives!

Because I took a lead yesterday for a posting from the Midnight Sun, I was accused of potentially being a "vile racist bigot."
Now, the post wasn't about race, it was about Hillary Clinton setting up an army of paid bloggers to help her be selected the presidential candidate for the Democrats.
However, like many 'right-wing' blogs, The Midnight Sun, like many of my own posts, is strongly anti-Islamic.
As this article in the Sydney Morning Herald notes, Islam has presented such a challenge to liberals, lefties and 'progressives, that they just cannot cope. It opens them up to so many contradictions. The right, however, can cope and finds itself speaking up for things you might expect from the left, like women's rights, gay rights, freedom of expression.
"It is a conservative government in the Netherlands that makes would-be immigrants watch a film on Dutch culture showing a topless woman sunbathing and a male couple kissing," reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
"The populist Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was often labelled right-wing but said, fairly or unfairly, that he was hostile to Islam because he did not want to "have to go through the emancipation of women and homosexuals all over again". He entered politics partly out of rage at young Muslim men smashing the windows of his gay bar.
Left liberals, meanwhile, are thrown into confusion, or worse. In 2004, the left-wing Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, hosted a visit by Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a Muslim cleric whose fatwas endorse wife-beating and the murder of homosexuals."
Such contradictions have also been noted by 'left-wing' journalist Nick Cohen, who wrote about it in his book What's Left.
We cannot all put it down to 'Bush Derangement Sydrome' and the War in Iraq, can we?
Or is it that 'the left' hate the West, the system that gives them their freedom and wealth, so much that they want to destroy it by jumping into bed with our enemies?
Either way, it is puzzling that where Islam is concerned, lefties do not stand up for their former values and the things they once campaigned for.
Islam is not a race. I could adopt the Islam faith tomorrow, though if I did, I could never leave.
I am white, but much as I might get sunburnt, I would/could never turn black.
It's like what I said this week on race, when I stressed my support for 'one nation' treating people the same, regardless of colour.
Who are the racists? I asked, is it those who support race-based parties, and the reservations of seats in parliament for members of a certain race?
Aren't the racists those who support members of a certain race being able to veto resource consents? Aren't the racists those who 'positively' discrimate too, on grounds of race.
And there's me, who's ex was Maori and wants everyone to be treated equally being branded racist.
Yes, I oppose Islam, but that is because it is an intolerant doctrine, it opposes the freedoms we all take for granted.
So let's get this right. In a world where there is Islam, the left oppose women's rights, they oppose rights for gays, and they oppose free speech, because that can be 'hate speech.'
And those who want people treated equally are now branded 'racist.'
What's Left? Not much for the progressives.
What a topsy turvy world we live in.


Psycho Milt said...

It's not the left that's confused, FFM.

Jews aren't a race, either. I could become Jewish if I wanted, but couldn't become black if I wanted. And yet right-wingers seem to be able to grasp the concept that Jews endure bigotry and hatred from people who have the nerve to claim to be taking the moral high ground in the process.

Ansar al-Zindiqi said...

There really isn't much left for anarchists who support Islam if you ask me. Go to faithfreedomdotorg for the awful truth.

Aurora said...

Because I took a lead yesterday for a posting from the Midnight Sun, I was accused of potentially being a "vile racist bigot."

You were labeled a racist for linking to TMS? That's almost laughable. The problem with the Left is that they get so used to their hackneyed words like 'racist' and 'xenophobe' that they toss them out without a thought. As the writer of that article, I can tell you that at least half of my close personal friends had immigrant parents to Australia or were immigrants themselves and I make a living working with other nationalities. I've never used a pejorative racial word in my life or even thought those words towards others.
I do, however, have a huge problem with the decimation of our culture. A culture that I happen to believe in. Why should our excellent way of life and beliefs that have given us peace and prosperity for decades, maybe centuries, now be forced to cede influence and philosophy to whatever barbaric thinking may be brought over from war-torn, backward communities which have been destroyed by their ideology. Why are they taking refuge in the west? Surely not to recreate the intolerant, brutal way of life they left.
It's not about the race! It's about the ideology that destroys a community. Why should we just roll over and play dead as those ideologies destroy ours?


Thanks for both your comments.
I will have a look at the website you mention Ansar.
And PM, I've never understood the bigotry against Jews either.
I think the bigotry against Jews is changing.
Many on the right recognise the industriousness of Jewish peoples and their contribution to civilisation over the ages, etc, which is how we now see terms like 'judeo-christianity.'
Jews have fitted in, they are mainstream too.
Growing up in the UK, I had Jewish friends and they were no different to me.
The hatred of Jews from some of the left perhaps stems from the issue of Palestine.
So we see some of the left linking with Islamist groups and adopting their anti-Jewish bigotry.
While what I might call the 'modern' right , sees Israel as part of the capitalist west, pro-Amercia and consequently, is pro-Israel, pro-Jewish.
And bigotry against Jews, while formerly a right-wing actvitity is now something from the left.
What a topsy-turvy world we live in.


And well said Aurora

Socrates said...

One common mistake often made by commentators from all directions is that anti-Israel = anti-Jewish. This is not so. I had a discussion about with a very devout Jewish friend who believes that Israel is an abomination against Judaism.

But then some people believe that if you are anti-Bush you must be anti-American.