Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tuhoe 'terror camps' Islam connection

Not in our wildest fantasies did I ever suspect there would be Islamists training in our mists down in Tuhoe country, getting friendly with the iwi. And I doubt Adolf didn't suspect it either.
In the 'you cannot make it up' department, the identity of another of the accused 17 has been revealed.
Omar Hamed, a Greek-born Palestininian raised on Auckland's North Shore.
Obviously with a name like that, he must be Presbyerian!
The Herald story mentions he is an 'anti-capitalist' but the religion angle is a worry, especially if Hamed has been polluting radical Maori with any Jihadist extremism.
I recall the Sunday Star-Times once reported that Islamists were targetting Maori in our prisons for conversion to their faith.
We have seen Islam causing enough trouble globally, the last thing we want is radical Maori turning islamic here.
I'm not suggesting Hamed is some Shore Boy Jihadist, but you never know.
After last weekend's whitewashing of the alleged terrorist training camps and its participants, we can only judge the expected denials with caution.
Indeed, here comes another 'You cannot make it up' story, dripping in irony.
After 9-11, the good old BBC made a documentary 'Don't Panic, I'm Islamic". The muslims featured noted there had been no Islamic terror attacks in Britain and said British Muslims were all sweet and lovable people, as I expect many are.
But guess what? Within a couple of weeks of the programme being broadcast in June 2005, we saw the London bus and tube bomb attacks.
But wait! It gets even better. There is a High Court case going on in London and at least one of the people featured in that documentary helped organise Jihadist 'terror camps' in the English Lake District. Camps where some of the July 2005 London bombers were trained.
Now the BBC cameras showed one of the camp organisers involved in paintball activities but complaining people viewed him as a terrorist. But he is now charged of being one, training them.
So here in New Zealand, in our 'benign strategic environment,' just what are we to make of a member of the Islamic faith attending 'health' or 'training camps' with anarchists, eco-activists and radical Maori?
One wonders when the Liarbour-link will be revealed, which anarchists posted at Indymedia yesterday, which No Minister followed up on yesterday.
It all confirms the point raised in the cruel graphic above; the succour and comfort that the media can give to extremists, with the BBC particularly soft on Islamist extremism. So no wonder nasty right wing bloggers produce things like this.

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