Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trevor Mallard is the Kiwi's own John Prescott

Tv and talkback radio seem dominated by talk about whether Helen Clark should sack Trevor Mallard over him thumping Tau Henare in parliament.
It got me thinking about a case in England early this century when former deputy prime minister John Prescott was out campaigning. A protester threw an egg at him and was promptly thumped back in response. The incident did Prescott no harm at all.
You Tube has a video here and you will see the circumstances differ.
But it made me think of the similarities between Prescott and Mallard. Prescott was seen as a working class bruiser, who did his master's (Blair's) bidding. Ditto Mallard.
Prescott was notorious for several affairs. Mallard obviously likes his women too, though it remains uncertain whether he cheated on his former wife. However, I hope for new love Brenda that the similarities end there. For her sake, lets hope Mallard offers more than a cocktail sausage.


Andrew Davies said...

It also reminds me of 1999 when Max Bradford shoved a student, who was approaching in a threatening manner, out of his way. At the same time another student threw a rock at Bradford. The left went ballistic, at Bradford of course.

Anonymous said...

2 shags Mallard. Currently that is true as well.