Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pure speculation

I've avoided commenting on NZ's great terror panic of 2007, on the basis that it's generally better not to offer an opinion without having information to base it on. But that doesn't seem to be stopping anyone else, including supposedly-professional journalists, so what the hell - here are my picks for the likely outcomes:

1. It will turn out that Tame Iti and some fellow overweight blow-hards have indeed been indulging in fantasies of themselves as revolutionaries throwing off the oppressive yoke of Whitey, but the details will prove more embarrassing than criminal.

2. It will turn out that the tenuous associations the arrested anarchist rent-a-mob types have with the above-mentioned overweight blow-hards have been used by various coppers-with-a-grudge to settle some scores. The justice system will practically tie itself in knots trying to disguise the fact.

3. A grave threat to our way of life will turn out not to have actually existed.

4. No heads will roll over it.

Anyone got any other punts to add?


Whaleoil said...

Yep, it turn out to have been a drug bust that they couldn't get enough evidence of so they used the Anti-Terrorism laws.

Most of the arrested Auckland fellas are heavily tied to Black Power and are either their enforcers or involved with laundering their money.

They have funded Iti and the other fools to get them to "cook" down country outta sight and outta mind. it is now too hot to "cook" in Auckland.

This is nothing more than a drugs bust.

Oswald Bastable said...

I believe a lot of it is over wannabe blowhards mouthing off and making threats about assasination.

While their egos might be writing cheques their abilities can't cash, the threats had to be responded to.

Also, as Whaleoil has just said- what beter place for cooking than a whitey 'no-go' zone...

JC said...

It'll turn out like a Usenet argument where you come back with an absolute zinger of a reply.. and everyone says "So?"


KG said...

Sounds about right, PM.
But the Brown Grievance industry willget a lot of mileage out of it regardless.

Barnsley Bill said...

PM, that is how I see it as well. A fairly sensible summation of the what will probably turn out to be the the situation

Anonymous said...

btw..are the rightie cammo-drag-freaks also being targetted..?



Whaleoil said...

No phil we aren't

Anonymous said...

no 'new' members..?



Like I commented a few days ago- this is taxpayer-funded 'terrorism'.
The misfits attacking the evil pakeha state are, by and large, being funded by it.
When the dust has settled, the government needs to be quizzed on the effectiveness of its social spendinjg thrown at maori groups.

Anonymous said...

no new..and especially 'enthusiastic'/gung-ho members..?


Psycho Milt said...

Dunno about you Phil, but the last time I held a gun with live ammo in it would have been at least 25 years ago.

I expect the lack of cammo-clad fascos being arrested has more to do with them being yet more laughable than Tame Iti's mates than with any particular fasco sympathies among cops and politicians...