Monday, October 22, 2007

Poland at the polls

Lucyna over at NZConservative often has interesting stories about Poland from the conservative perspective, so I thought I'd provide this one from the opposite perspective, which appeared in the Guardian this morning.

Apparently the Civic Platform's had a last-minute surge in the polls, supposedly fuelled by young Poles who've worked outside Poland and therefore have some knowledge of non-Polish Europe not provided by propaganda. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Jaroslaw Kaczynski needing to find a new job.

Funniest quote:
"Most young Poles are expected to back the Civic Platform today, including the majority of the 70,000 who have registered to vote in Britain and Ireland, while the Kaczynskis will be relying on Radio Maryja - the self-proclaimed 'Catholic voice in your home' which broadcasts antisemitism and conspiracy theories - to nudge their core of older supporters straight from pew to ballot box."



Cheers PM

Civic Platfrom seem like sensible conservatives.
Ok, I may have dounts on their foreign policies but they support a 15% flat tax!
That should make life for Poles interesting and rewarding

Didn't realise there were a million Poles in England though. I knew there were plenty.
That certainly does seem a way of Poles voting with their feet against the twins.

Psycho Milt said...

I think it's the same as the exodus from NZ and Aus, FFM - not so much voting with the feet as following the money.