Sunday, October 7, 2007


This post has no links, or quotes. It is simply a hopefully coherent rambling on something missing from our society which was exemplified by the All Blacks loss this morning. Passion.

The French basically won because the out-passioned us. But that is not surprising when you think that France is a country that exudes passion, whereas most people in this country have none. Of course modern France was built on the uprising of the working class on July 14 1789 and the resulting storming of the Bastille. The workers had had enough. The financial mismanagement of Louis XVI was unsurpassed. The Estates were organised. They had passion about their beliefs, and their country, and sacrebleu, there was revolution. The French Republic was born.

In New Zealand, we would have just hung around a BBQ, drank a few beers and called Helen Clark names, much like we did today. Gee, if we got really angry we might act like D4J and swear on a blog. But don't expect any real passion. No. We're too concerned about drinking lattes while wondering about how to afford the GE Finance bill next month when the no interest period runs out. And, nothing is more symptomatic of our lack of passion than voter turnout in local body elections. I mean, you'd think with housing affordability issues nationwide, skyrocketing rates, burgeoning council debt, skyrocketing spending and ridiculous compliance costs all hitting Kiwis' pockets that people would actually vote for a change at election time. Even if you don't know the candidates that well, sometimes a message can still be sent. Sadly, where I live, and where the financial situation in the next eight years would make even Louis XVI spin in his grave, no one gives a stuff. I put it down to a lack of passion.

I saw the news tonight and coverage in a French bar here in Auckland. The national anthem was being sung; the champagne corks were popping; and some foxy french chick was crying tears of joy with the French flag draped over her shoulders. If that had been the Loaded Hog, you would have seen some laid-back Kawee bloke saying something similar to "nah, yeah fucking good one aye. The AB's were awesome." He then would have gone back to wondering how he could afford the taxi fare home after staying out drinking all night without any lady luck.

This country has no passion. I consider myself a fairly passionate person about some things. For instance, I am fizzing at the moment about the Auckland Marathon I am running in three weeks time. I also get fairly excited abut politics now and again, so much so that I have been campaigning in the last few weeks to try to be elected to the council. Yeah, it's tough working, running, campaigning and fathering but I am a determined prick at the best of times and have passion about the things I do.

Perhaps I am a frog in a kiwi's clothing.


Anonymous said...

But I thought the French were socialists and the enemy so to speak, the original surrender monkeys.

You gotta laugh when the Kiwis lose a footy match and half the right wing blogsphere start rabbiting on about Helen.

Tells you all you need to know about the RW bloogsphere really.

Meanwhile the French have lives I suspect.

Gooner said...

They are actually rabbiting on about the ref actually. But don't let that stand in your way.

Psycho Milt said...

Well, Gordon McLauchlan did write a whole book about us being the "Passionless People" - which seemed a fair assessment.

Oddly enough, it used to work for us. Consider those decades of stony-faced All Black teams crushing all opposition - we did a pretty good job of playing Sparta to the European teams' Athens back then.

We seem to have lost that Spartan approach without anything useful to replace it though. Just look at the pathetic whinging about the ref, the coach, Helen Clark jinxing the game with her presence etc that NZers have spent the last day or so pathetically indulging themselves in - so far McCaw's the only person I've seen with enough Spartan lack of self-indulgence to come out with the obvious reason for the loss, ie the other team played better.


Not sure about passion, but obsession seems an appropriate word.
I saw the Tv1 news last night and thought if this was the best the state run news media could do, then they better pack up.
By all means feature a bit of the game, an interrogation of the captain of some analaysis of what went wrong.
butr do we really needs to see pissed kiwis in a pub or celebrartory frogs.
Come on by 8-30pm anyone interest in the game would have known.
It was hardly 'news' by then.
The All blacks have lost, well tell me something i did not know TV1!
And there only other stories were a short clip of Winnie wanting the power firms to back his gold card, a rugby story from Fiji and a couple of wild weather stories from places we don't care about.
Since Liarbour came in and brought in its charter programming, it has gutted TVNZ and its once decent standards of journalism.
But who benefits from a tv news atation where its journalists are feeble and non-existant and lack the resources to keep an eye on the government?
But Dear Leader.
The country's obsession with the All Blacks is just bread and circusses for the masses.

Sean said...

Great post Gooner. Accurate and hilarious. After the QF, the only way I could console myself with was "at least Arsenal are doing bloody well. huh!"