Monday, October 29, 2007

Parekura wakes up to the 'racist' Maori threat

For once, some praise for Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia, who accuses the Maori Party of 'playing the race' card over the Tuhoe 'terror raids.'
Horomia also realises relations between Maori and Pakeha aren't as bad as the Maori Party believe, who have accused the police and government of racism over the raids.
"And as we enter a new era we need to acknowledge the bonds that have been forged, sometimes painstakingly, between Māori and non-Māori.
We also need to acknowledge that there is no one Māori voice, but a range of different voices. That no one individual and no one political party speaks for Māori. Despite claims to the contrary, there is no one “authentic” Māori voice.”

His voice adds to some similar sense from Winston Peters on the matter, in contrast to the usual seperatist shite we get from the racist Maori party, who even compared Winnie to Don Brash.

It all leaves Colin Espiner of Stuff, like us, enduring that rare moment, agreeing with Winston Peters.

In the meantime, the police evidence is now with the solicitor general.

Hat Tip: Lindsay Mitchell.

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Anonymous said...

Parekura is dozy and should step down from politics. The people of his electorate seek change while this guy seeks pies.